Calling all cheapskates: Dexcom question

After four months on the pod and a drop in A1c from high 8’s and 9’s over the past 15 years to 7.2, I know CGM would further benefit me. My Omnipod and just about everything else is covered by my insurance, but CGM is not. Since I’d have to pay out-of-pocket, I’m wondering how much I can stretch things out and still benefit from CGM. Would using one sensor a month, or one sensor each time basals/ratios seem to be getting out of whack, make sense? Or is more frequent/consistent use the only way to truly benefit?

As far as the personal benefit from CGM use goes, I don’t think it is an all or none proposition. To the extent that you can use the CGM, pay attention to its numbers, and respond appropriately, you will benefit in proportion to the amount of time you can spend using it.

I’ve used a CGM continuously since 2009 but I’ve been lucky with help paying for it. If all you can do is one sensor per month or when basals need tweaking, then I think you will get a benefit for it. It would be worth it. Some people can stretch each sensor to cover three weeks or more. Fourteen days is more typical for me.

The problem with diabetes, as you well know, is that things can get out of whack in a hurry and it doesn’t happen as a convenience to your schedule. I had a low blood sugar incident recently that perfectly aligned with my weekly 2-hour CGM blackout period. The incident was worse than it needed to be and I would have responded more quickly if I had CGM visibility.

If the limited CGM schedule is all you can afford, I still think it’s a great idea. I say, go for it!

Just keep in mind that the transmitter can’t be turned on and off. It has a definite lifespan which can’t be extended. The G4 will last much longer than a G5 transmitter but it will still only last so long. If that isn’t a drawback for you, than give it a try. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always give it up. I wouldn’t be without my dexcom. I self pay.

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Not a cheapskate. But a chincer. So I’d look out. I hate getting taken.

Hi. I have been using the Dexcom G5 since August & when my receiver recently died (under warranty, but it took a few days to get the new one) i felt lost without it! Right now, my wonderful new insurance won’t cover anything until i meet a $3500 deductible so i’m paying out of pocket for supplies. I did a lot of rsch & there is great variability in pricing. Just do your homework.

You can also find things on eBay. I have seen a receiver, a transmitter & sensors or sale. Another TuD poster suggested i buy directly from Dexcom. The pricing was so-so.

The G4 transmitter lasts six mos (supposedly) & the G5 has a three mo life. I reset my sensors every seven days & can usually get almost three weeks out of them. I use Opsite to keep them stuck down lol

Hope you can swing the expenditure :blush: I truly believe you’ll find it to be worthwhile. BTW i know PCPs who will let you try it for a week or two & set you up with a loaner. Maybe Dexcom has a similar program.

Good luck!!