Calling all type 2's, I need your Ideas!

For the past several months I have been wring a monthly article for dLife. The link is
I would appreciate suggestions for topics of interest to type 2s.

Weight gain and insulin use.


Thanks for the reply. I will check this site out today.


Thanks for the reply. I will check this out.

blood sugar control and diet for night shift workers

Earlier detection/diagnosis.

I went 5 years with IR and the only test I was given was a fasting blood glucose test. Unfortunately, that is often the last number to go. I don’t know how many years I’ve gone with poor blood glucose levels. I feel that anyone who is suspected to be IR should be given an A1c and/or GTT. perhaps other tests. Also, I don’t think the seriousness of IR comes across to many patients. I was kind of told - “lose weight” and “your not even pre-diabetic”. I wish my doctor explained to me the phases of diabetes and gave me a meter early on. i have found this to be true with many people. They are undiagnosed or find out late in the game and diabetes comes across as something far away in the future as opposed to being on the edge.

I hope I explained myself clearly.


I will see what I can find out. I have a diabetes educator / nutritionist speaking at my next diabetes support group meeting.

I saw an interesting piece, on Fox News, about people with type 2 diabetes having higher arsenic levels in their urine. It is believed that the arsenic comes from the tap water and has a causual relationship with the type 2 diabetes.