New members speak up!

We seem to be getting a lot of new members lately but no one seems to be posting here. I'm sure the are questions out there to be ask or experiences to be shared but no one is saying anything. Please folks if you have just joined us don't be shy, ask those questions, share your experiences by doing so you can help make this place a resource for all insulin dependent Type2's.

Stemwinder - excellent comments and thoughts. I have been lost on the forum pages.

i will do better addiung comments as this thread is extremely important from my experience and 30 years fighting this nasty issue.

cheers and happy memorial weeked and best wishes for driving this thread/group.

Hi all,
I am new to this group, but not to Diabetes. I was diagnosed in Oct 2000. I have been on every pill my dr could put me on. He finally sent my to an Endocrinologist and they put me on Insulin. My bg readings while on pills were 200-600. My last A1c was 11.4. I am trying to go on the pump, waiting for insurance to approve the pump. Since my Endo put me on Insulin, my numbers have been within normal range. I take 4 shots a day ( 3 of Nova log and 1 of Lantus at night). I do get very discouraged when I go to family functions or out to eat as I am still learning to count my carbs. By the end of the day, I have to admit I don 't want to test anymore or give my self my last shot. I hear from non-diabetics that "they know how I feel" My reaction to them is No You Don't.. you can eat what you want, you don't test your blood, you don't count your carbs, and most of all you don't give yourself shots to help with your sugars.
Sorry if this is a rant, but that's how I feel.

Hi Momof3. I love a good rant. It helps us to get things out into the open. You are right they do not know because you cannot know unless you experience it.

Going on an insulin pump is the best thing I have done. I love the convenience of being able to bolus at anytime. In a restaurant or at family gathering it was always awkward or inconvenient to excuse myself to inject. Having a pump has helped me live without having to plan everything so precicely. It relieves the worries about when your basal insulin is at its peak since basal is delivered at a steady rate thru out the day in a pattern that is set by you and your doctor.

I have been insulin dependent for 5 years and 11 years as a diabetic. I have been on lots of different medications, many which made me very sick, so I am glad to be on insulin instead. I still take metformin and have a lot of stomach problems from it, but my endo won't let me quit because I am so insulin resistant. 1 gram of carbs raises my sugar 10 mg/dl and that stinks! A typical 45 gram ADA meal sent me skyrocketing. I still get sick and tired of the constant watching and checking, but recently I got a CGM which has made life a lot better and I was able to lower my A1C from 8.3 to 7.1.

Hi I am a Type 2, diagnosed in 2010. I will be starting on basal insulin tomorrow, as I have too many gastric symptoms and increased heart rate and bp on Victoza. I can no longer tolerate metformin, which I was on for four years. Januvia 100 mg did not reduce my bg once I was off metformin.
I see there is a lot to learn about insulin. I am looking forward to less symptoms and better bg readings. My fasting numbers and post pradial numbers were definitely out of range, even though my A1c was not so bad. I think I will be on this group page a lot.

There definitely is a learning curve with insulin especially if you are taking multiple daily injections. Just remember that the most important thing is to test often.

Also with insulin u need to count ur carbs…to much insulin and not enough carbs will cause you to possibly crash, not enough insulin and to many carbs and u will be high…it is a learning curve and u will have ur days when it is all correct and days when they are off…and yes u must test often. I was on 4-5 shots a day and testing 10-12 times. I just got on a pump, but I still test 10 times a day. This site is great and just dont be to hard on ur self in the beginning.

Okay, will do. I am buying a new meter soon. Thanks stemwinder.

Thnx for the great info, momof3. i will try not to be so tough on myself.

I was just diagnosed six months ago and picked up my meter on Tuesday. I take two . Metformin a day and my la s t a1c was 7.1, before that 6.75. This is a huge learning curb especially a Lily since my 40+ years sister a diabetic 1 is not helpful and says I ate myself into diabetes.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe that eating too much and not exercising cause T2. You have reasonable A1C levels and I doubt that old belief was the cause you were diagnosed. If you cut your carbs a little more you will find your A1C will go down even more.
Please use your meter 2 hours after eating so that you can see what foods cause you problems. Perhaps your dr. would send you to see a CDE who will help you through these first few months.
Best wishes,

ThAnk you so much for your vote of confidence. I am not extremely overweight, I wear a size 12, but used to be an 8. I want to lose another 40-50 lbs to where I was 8 years ago before I started taking ability. My Dr has two diabetic coaches in the office. I opened my verso one touch flex meter and emailed them that I may need help in learning how to use it. It since to my phone and I may have scrolled thru the six digit password or I had to verify my email and it told me I am ready to go. Going to wait till tomorrow to try it again. I did email them for help. It doesn’t look like I have any needles? I also have a friends husband that can help me too…

I also have been taking ability and now generic sequel for diabetes and the side affects is it can cause diabetes!

I have never heard of a medication called “ability”. Could you possibly have misspelled it?

I’m almost certain this is Abilify.

That’s what I thought!

Yes abilify! Sorry for the typo…