Can I crow a little?

I just found out that my private insurance through my work, who uses CVS/Caremark, has recently approved 100% coverage on both the Omnipod DASH an Omnipod 5 once released!

This will save me a lot of money because I currently have to use my DME benefit which is a 20% copay after a $700 overall deductable per year.

I myself can’t wait to try the Omnipod 5. I’m also tempted to switch to dash to try the new dev branch of Loop which now semi works with Dash. Tempted to anyway. Not sure I wan to run a dev branch that requires reqular updates.


Congrats, Brad.

Good news for you.

That is wonderful new,Congratulations. Nancy50

Great news! As an Omnipod Classic guy since diagnosis over 10 years ago, I have been looking forward to the 5 for years, only to be told last month that they no longer will be covering the Dash or the 5. Sad times. I was so set on the closed loop that I just made the jump to Tandem. Smart pump with tubes > dumb pump tubeless so far a week in. Maybe one day I’ll be able to join you and get the best of both worlds!

What is the name of your insurance?

Since he mentioned it is an employee plan, knowing which insurance company won’t help. In general, employee plans offer more, to insure more healthy and productive employees !!

out of curiosity, were you speaking to your insurance provider, or your omnipod durable medical supplier? if its the former, i am sad to hear rhat, the latter, however, means you have to call yoir insurance asap and find out more information… the omnipod reps told me their goal is the pharmacy benefit similar to a glucometer and test strips which were durable medical in the 60s, 70s, and 80s…

The test strips I had even in the 80s were just color strips and you compared them to a color chart after putting blood and wiping and timing.
Those were the first strips I was aware of for blood. There was no durable equipment at that point. They were paid like any prescription. For me it was 10% copay for all drugs at that time but things were priced more reasonably.

I got my firstportable machine in 1988 that used a pen like meter with strips similar to todays. It was call exachtech. That was when my benefit switched to durable equipment which was also 10% copay so it didn’t matter to me. Before that I had a heavy gluco meter that was too big and heavy to carry around. I just tested at home

Since then the strips got cheaper and insurance changed a lot.
Gone are the 90% indemnity plans. Where often they would waive the copay at hospitals.

It’s a bigger difference for people on Medicare because the charges are so different.

Now I hardly use strips because I have a dexcom and I trust it most of the time


I used one of those too!!