Can I put the IV3000 tape over the Dexcom 7+ sensor?

I’m pretty sure that this should pose no problem, but the user manual specifically says that adhesive tapes should not be taped over the sensor. Having used the MM CGMS sensor before and being used to the secure feeling resulting after taping the IV3000 tape over it, I want to do the same with my brand new Dexcom 7+ sensor. I happen to have some leftover IV3000 strips still with me after returning the MM CGMS transmitter (they asked me not to return the IV3000 strips). Has anyone done this or something similar with their Dexcom sensor?

DexCom reps suggest you use the IV3000 to protect the sensor when swimming but not to leave it on (makes it water resistant so you can be in the water longer than 20 mins). The sensor is really secure with the transmitter in so you don’t need to tape over it to keep it on and secure. You can use strips of IV3000 on the edges of the adhesive material that is stuck on you if it starts to peel up, that works fine. I find that I only have to use tape on the edges after the 7th day and everything stays on great.

Thanks, Suzanne. My question is why can’t I leave it on regardless of what I’m doing? I’m curious as to why the use of adhesive strips over the sensor is advised against.

I have this box of IV3000 strips left over from my MM CGMS kit which I would like to use.

John, you can use them, just don’t put them over the sensor. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they’re worried about intereference with the signal. Maybe they’re worried that extra outside pressure on the site could affect the interstitial readings. But you can put them around the sensor and over the supplied adhesive tape.

Personally, I’d go ahead and put the tape over the sensor.


I think it has to do with interference but no one would give me a straight answer when I asked. I did tape over it once before I was told not to and it didn’t seem to cause any issues. It did make the transmitter gummy so I didn’t do it again.