Can’t afford G6 so sad

Sometimes we restart.

12 or 13 days is our typical max when we can get to a restart.

No idea why difference in sensor life. Pretty much rules out the adhesive as a factor (in our case).


I average about 26 days for each one and have had a couple go to 32-36 days. A couple have only lasted 14 or so days. It’s interesting why they last longer on some people than on others.

It’s so much easier just keeping them on for me!


I only get 9-10 days out of my G5 before the numbers are not reliable.

I was almost always limited by how well I could get it to stick to my body. I have ran the G5 sensors for long period with no issues other than too much skintac and overtape, etc.

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I just restarted this sensor this morning day 20 and I’ve tested it twice with my contour meter and it’s been within 3 points each time so no calibration even needed.

I do have to keep applying Skin Tac, it used to get really messy, now I get my husband to use a Q tip to put it just on the adhesive tape part and that has been working good. Showers where I wash my hair always loosen an area. I think it’s either the shampoo or conditioner hitting it that is causing the issue. I have long hair so lots of both are used!


Wow. I’m only getting 8/9 days out of my G6.

I would usually get 14-21 days out of my G5. I’m getting 10-15 days out of my G6.

The only correlation I see on lifetime for both versions is tenderness around the insertion site. About 50% or the time failure happens shortly after the site becomes tender to the touch (not from adhesive - I’ve never had a problem with that). In some cases the sensor is still functioning but I pull it because of the irritation.

For the G6 I start a presoak on a new sensor after I see two calibration or sensor errors in a 24-hour period. I imagine I could get more life out of the sensor if I was less aggressive.

I also have a high deductible insurance plan, and am about to have my 2nd eversense sensor put in…something to consider, they have a bridge program where you pay 99 for the 1st sensor and 99 for the 2nd sensor also…many insurance companies claimed it was too experimental, so eversense tries to bill the insurance company, but 99 is all you are responsible for other than the insertion procedure, which they also will try to bill the insurance company and usually set some sort of insertion/removal limit on the patient side(220 or 250)… mine has been in for 90 days and I like it a lot better than Dexcom and the libre…I recently went camping, removed it for an hour or 2 while I was in The water, and put it back on when I was done…

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