Can’t afford G6 so sad

Just got the numbers from the insurance company and I just can’t afford it :slightly_frowning_face:
Why is this so difficult!
Why is there no help?

Dexcom is very expensive depending on your insurance. :frowning_face:

Dexcom is working on a low cost G7 but that may take another year or two.

The Abbott Freestyle Libre is generally cheaper than the Dexcom. Perhaps that is something you can check into now?

The Libre Freestyle was about the same cost

I’m surprised, it was FAR less expensive for me. I’m paying OOP for the Libre.

Try asking Walgreens for the cost of the Libre reader and sensors. They used to be in a program to supply them at one of the lowest costs around. I just haven’t bought any since they brought out the 14 day sensors so I am not sure what they are doing now. I own a Dexcom now.

In the UK they pay $159 a month for a Dexcom. They are not covered by any insurance over there as their national insurance doesn’t cover Dexcom so they have to self fund.

I have a high deductible insurance and when we ran the numbers it was only about $10 bucks cheaper each month and I would rather have the technology in the G6.

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The Libre system without insurance is generally cheaper than the Dex. Also eventually they will be releasing the Libre with alarms. Overall, I find it much less to stress over than trying to price out the Dex and all the parts!

The Libra is less “parts” but does less. I started on the Libra and was perfectly happy with it until I switched to the Dexcom. You will also probably be paying more for the Libra when they have the alarms, they did have a trade in program for the new 14 day versus 10 day reader.

The first CGM is an eye opener for any fluctuations you have that you never knew you had. And it allows you to know what your BG’s are doing in response to what you eat, exercise etc. It really made a big difference in keeping track of my Bg’s better for me.

But the Dexcom allows you better control because of the alarms and calibration. I used to test and find out how much the Libra was off and then made adjustments to the numbers I was reading. The Dexcom you can calibrate so it stays pretty accurate. But the alarms you can set so you know you’re going high or low and you have warnings before it’s out of control. You get woken up with an alarm when you first hit the too low, instead of when you already are there and a shaky mess.

For $10 a month the Dexcom is much more worth it. But depending, the Dexcom could be a lot more expensive, you will have to judge the worth yourself on the additional cost…

Dex G6 cash price pretty sure is $200 per 90-day transmitter and $100 per 10-day sensor.

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With a $10 difference I would do the same! I’ll have to revisit, two months ago the Dexcom was a lot more expensive for me. If prices have changed I’ll check it out, too

@janeo / @Jules
Pricing may be different DME distributor vs Pharmacy.

May want to check both routes.

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@janeo something else to consider…run a G5 system,stretching your sensors to an avg of 21 days, and your transmitter to ~5 months by using XDrip or Spike. The amortized cost of a setup this way is significantly cheaper. G5 sensors are also commonly found on CL for less than Dexcom sells them.

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Agreed, G5 can be stretched easily for many folks way past the normal 7-day wear period. I can’t get more than 9-10 days out of them, but my wife and others can go weeks on a single G5 sensor.

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Same here. My G5 sensors are rock solid for 8 days but then on day 9 or day 10 they get really wonky. ??? + unreliable readings. Sometimes for no reason, however, they will be fine for 2 weeks. Now that I have a few extras, just find it easier to use a new one each week.

I personally average 3.5 weeks/sensor.

We normally get 8 or 9 days. On the G6.

This last sensor was crazy. I think we got 18 days? That was a record for us.


Do you get replacements from dexcom?

Yes. But not every sensor. Enough so that we do not run short.

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Any speculation on what makes some last longer? Do you ever restart?