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Hi all,

I just recently had to quit my job because childcare was getting to be too expensive and because of this, I went on my husband’s insurance plan. It turns out that his benefits only cover 50% of durable medical equipment. I can’t afford $180/month for a box of dexcom sensors - and I haven’t even gotten pricing for the pump supplies yet. Is there any place I can go that provides low cost supplies - or have any of you dealt with this and can provide some advice? I’m at a loss!


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There’s another cgm called the Freestyle Libre that comes at a much lower cost. On it’s own, the libre does not alarm when you hit a high or low. If you value the alarms the Dexcom provides, then you can buy a device called the nightrider that pairs with the Libre and will enable alarms.

I personally don’t use the Libre, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it’s accuracy, and it’s significantly cheaper than the Dexcom.

If I were ever in your situation, I would definitely look into the Libre.

What insurance is it? Do you have a copy of plan coverage? Just because they say it’s not covered, you need to dig deeper.

It’s United Healthcare - I have a copy of the benefits pamphlet that they sent out during open enrollment. It doesn’t say anything about durable medical equipment - I didn’t think to call and ask beforehand. I also called our pharmacy benefits and they don’t cover dexcom (or pump supplies) at all! Insane!

Many (most?) seem to get about 2 weeks from each Dexcom sensor (after restarting after 7 days). So the true cost may be closer to half of that.

I used to have to pay this but never used the Dex, Pump supplies. All I did was try to order when I could and stretch them if I could. You may only be locked into this for the rest of the year, if they possibly change plans at the employer for next year. 50 percent is not fun.
I do use the Libre, the insurance is covering now and a month of sensors is costing $32. Many plans now covering. I like it, you will run into some who do not. But I dont need the overnight alarms that badly. Best wishes, it surely isnt a fun place to be in.

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Can you ask your husband’s employer for help? The HR dept may be able to point you to the right place for DME coverage.

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I’m not sure about the timing or cost of everything, but check with your old place of employment and ask about COBRA insurance. There will be a cost of course, and it is only good for 18-24 months or so, but perhaps less than the cost of supplies and insulin?


You might try going through Solara Medical Supply. They were able to cover my Freestyle test strips through my insurance even though my insurance said I couldn’t use Freestyle brand. The agents at Solara have been very helpful.