Can TSA Scanners Damage a Pod Too?

Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport

TSA broke this girl's Animas pump!! Anyone know if pods are susceptible to damage by scanners?

According to the manual that came with my new Omnipod, TSA scanners cannot damage the unit or the PDM.

I always go through the scanner with my pod on, and I have never had an issue. The PDM goes through the X-Ray machine (which is stronger than the backscatter machines) and after probably 40 or so trips in 3 years, it's still working.

So no - the security devices at airports won't hurt the pod. Besides, if your pod were to be messed up by the scanner, all you have to do is slap on another $35 pod. No $4k pump to replace.

No problems for me either, and presumably no problems for people with pacemakers. My unused pods go through the carry-on scanner along with the PDM and no problems there either. And a big bag (gallon size) of insulin and stuff goes through in one of the TSA trays. Smartphones go through the carry-on scanner yet I've haven't heard any reports of them breaking.

I'd be much more worried about physical damage to a pod if I were to check it anywzy, given the damage I've seen done to my checked bags.

John Bowler