Omnipod at the airport?

i have read a lot of different things about this, but am wondering what the official word is on the omnipod going through the security x-ray? does it actually damage the pump?


supposedly it is safe to do so, i personally dont take the chance i have them do the wand and pat down

There’s no problem. I’ve flown several times with it and just put the PDM in the baskets like a mobile phone or laptop computer. The pod doesn’t even set off the metal detector.
I carried a note from my doc just in case there was any question.

Insulet says no…I flew and sent my pods through xray machine in my carryon bag but requested a hand search for myself and everything was fine. I used to go through xray with my Cozmo pump all the time with no problem except that sometimes it set off the alarm and then I would have to be hand searched.

The Omnipod User Guide says it’s okay actually.…
Page 109: “Pods and PDMs can safely pass through airport X-ray machines.”

I usually send the pods through the conveyor and request a visual inspection of the PDM and they have been okay with that.

The pod on my body does not set off the metal detector.

Mine was fine when it went through, just like all my blood glucose meters have been. It’s up to you what you’re comfortable with as it is not recommended but I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem yet.

Just to second Melissa and Eric – they’re exactly right. Not only does Insulet say it’s OK to subject the PDM and pods to the x-ray machine, but I have also flown many times and subjected the PDM and a stack of pods to the airport x-ray machine myself. No worries, and the pod attached to me doesn’t set off the walk-through metal detectors, either.

With regard to airport security, the OmniPod rules over my old Medtronic pump. So many TSA agents look at the pump in the pocket and want to know what’s going on. With the pod, there have been no questions because it is so much more discrete.

I fly a lot and had never even heard not to send the omnipod (or other glucose meters) through the x-ray machine at the airport. Needless to say I have traveled extensively (probably close to 20 round trip flights in the last year) and never had an issue with pod failures or anyone questioning my supplies. When I used a mini-med pump the security guard at the metal detector would usually say something like “miss, please take off your cell phone or pager” and my reply of “actually it is an insulin pump” always got me waved through with no problems. Never had anyone ask about the omnipod presumably because they can’t see it =)

Just make sure not to let them wand the actual pod, since that’ll deactivate it…I had an issue at SFO, where I was singled out for security, put in that little glass box (where they blow a puff of air on you, and do an X-ray of your whole body.) The pod was apparently suspicious…Which I understand, since they saw this little mechanical device on the X-ray, and they made me be wanded because of it. I specifically asked that they not wand my pod, luckily had a dr’s note, or I don’t know if they’d have listened. They just did a swipe test to make sure there was no explosive residue, or whatever, and (reluctantly, it seemed), let me go.

Actually, the wand will not deactivate the OmniPod. I have been “wanded” several times myself at the airport and government facility security screening, and I have not had any OmniPod issues. The OmniPod guide (p. 120) also confirms: “The Pod and PDM can tolerate common electromagnetic and electrostatic fields, including airport security and cellular phones.”