Can type 1 diabetes be controlled with 2 injections(mixture 30/70) or 4 injections are needed?

hy guys
i need input on this
i am currently on 2 injections(mixture 30/70).

Where I practice,most children are on 3 injections/day.Diabetes control as you know depends on food,daily activity and insulin dose to acheive the tight control needed to avoid complications.Most important is frequent blood glucose monitoring to know where you are.I have children on 2-3 injections with A1c 7,others on 4-5 shots,but they are not doing well,not following the dieticans advice and not very active during the day.I do not find mixed insulin very good with my patients,if they insist,we add regular prelunch.Any schedule that acheives A1c 7 0r less is good .

thx for that sohair , i have been recently diagnosed and i have to get my a1c test done soon but i do my bit walk arnd 30 mins a day eventhough i aint workin rt now and try to eat as much good i can my fasting readings vary from 90-130 mostly sometimes a bit higher occasionally i touch 140 mark.Only thing is sometimes my pp readings take arnd 2:30 - 3:00 hrs to come below 140 range that concerns me a bit.i am not 100% sure on this but i think i might have lost 2 kg’s as well since last 6 months i am nt sure if 20-25 mins walk/excercise everyday and eating good food can make that much diff or if the weighing machine was u dont find mixed insulin very good but isnt it same as having 4 injections just mixed two in morning and two at night?

The mixed injection isn’t as good as 4 separate injections because the dose is fixed. You are better off trying to match your rapid acting insulin to the food you eat. When you take a shot only in the morning and evening, you are not getting rapid acting insulin for all three meals. It is a bit harder to figure out but worth the trouble and the extra shots to help get your PP numbers down. There is also a 50/50 mixed insulin that gives a bit better post-meal control.