What should I expect?

I love to run and stay active. I control my type 1 through a crap ton of cardio. the pump is nice but i don't like it on my stomach. and omnipods don't work. i want to go back to shots. i did shots from 7 - 14. also, i don't like having to explain my pump to girls. it's difficult to be intimate with it on. i feel like people understand what "taking a shot" means moreso than a machine with plastic tubing jarred in your stomach looks like


1. what will my regimen be on shots? how many will i have to take?

2. will i be able to eat low-carb like i do now on the pump?

3. how would i handle going out to eat with friends?

4. where would i carry my supplies and food?

Please fill me in on whatever i need to know.

Also, my primary care physician is a type 1 diabetic. he pushes me to wear the pump. should i get a referral to an endo? I want to do pens if possible.

I have never been on a pump. I am on MDI, an injection of fast acting insulin prior to each meal and one injection of basal insulin at night. I think that regimen is fairly standard. I use pens, so I just carry a pen and some needles in my purse along with my meter. You could use a Frio or other carrying method. For eating out, I just test and give my shot. No one seems to notice, and I store the used lancets and needles in a container and take that home with me. Insulin pens are so convenient and do not require refrigeration once opened. I also follow a very low carb diet, 30 grams per day. Using a pump or injections seems to be an individual choice. From what I gather, insulin pumps provide better control, but you ultimately should be able to decide for yourself. I am sure more experienced diabetics will chime in soon with even better ideas for carrying supplies. Good luck to you!

Hey most people who take shots tend to take about 4 a day. Anything less than 10gs of carbs doesnt need a shot usually. Tho u will have to take long acting regardless once or twice a day. If they are ur friends im sure they will get it. I just guess the carbs dial it up and inject. Carrying ur supplies id recommend a fashionable man bag. Or u said ur sporty most trackies have pretty deep pockets most of my lad friends just carry stuff around in their pockets. Ur medical treatment is entirely ur choice if u want to go back to shots thats ur choice as long as u have given ur pump a decent chance. There should be no issue.

Hi Cocheze. I take a split dose of Levemir, also Apidra with meals, snacks and corrections. Both insulins are with pens; my shots add up to approx. ten daily. I do not consider 10 to be an excessive number of shots. I was on a pump at one time, and try to keep as much of the better control I had then as possible. That also means about ten tests on my meter. Of course eating low carb is advisable; to me that just means smaller shots rather than fewer ones. For pizza meals (not often!), I take half my total bolus before the meal, the other half an hour after. Good luck!

I only eat breakfast and dinner, and take an injection 20-30 minutes before those meals. I eat around 6 grams of carbs for breakfast, dinner has the most carbs, usually around 20 grams or so. For lunch I just tend to eat some nuts or a piece of cheese, so I do not give insulin for that, it usually doesn't raise my blood sugar over 120. After dinner I try to do some sort of exercise, biking or a hike, to keep my blood sugar from going over 120. This very low carb diet works for me, but I wouldn't recommend that for a much younger more active person. Personally, if anyone reacted like that to a pump, or any medical device, I would delete them from my life, who needs a person like that?

Cocheze, no one has ever asked me what I was doing while taking a shot, and I do not shoot up in a restroom. On the other hand, I was diagnosed in 1993 at the age of 63--who wants to mess with a little old lady?!!! Answering another question you asked: yes, I always, always carry my supplies with me, which includes stuff for a low and a breakfast bar in case I need actual food.

I usually carry dextrose they come in a small pack over here. Other than that ill bring food in my bag if i think ill need it. I always carry my meter, pen and a spare needle top and lacet not 2 much really

I either say oh im takin insulin im diabetic which usually ends all questions or sometime im like oh its heroine depending on the mood but usually ppl simply dont take any notice.

Same i carry my lollies, pens, meter, and extra food in my handbag and take it everywhere, and this is a huge step for me as i never used to carry anything with me when i went out so having to constantly check if you have got everything was a real pain at first but you get used to it.