Can you believe it

I managed to work even though I went to the restroom every 30 minutes all afternoon! Between 11.30am and 4pm I went to the restroom 8 times! :open_mouth: About 15 minutes after I got back from my lunch break, I just felt how my mouth went all dry and my face became quite red and I felt very warm, my mind got cloudy and I just wanted to sleep. Not the most plesant of feelings I dare say! I was probably pretty high there for a while
:frowning: Still feels like I’m not down to where it’s supposed to be. Been drinking about 2-3 liters of just water in the afternoon… I really hope I’ll get some answers tomorrow when I go back to the GP clinic for tests… This is really driving me insane!

Hi Jennie! Please let us know as soon as you know. You sound like me before I was diagnosed. I hope that tomorrow will bring some answers! You might need to wait for the results, but see if they can measure your blood sugar right there (so you could at least know that immediately!!). Hope that you’ll be feeling better soon!

Yes , I hope you get tested there tomorrow, too! I hope you can bring a friend, too, for all those reasons Debb said. We’re here for you!

I’m like Marie and Kristin here, PLease let us know how your doing and you get teasted tomorrow! We’re all here for you and you’re defaintly in my prayers tonight!!!