Just so sick of it

I’m just so sick of not feeling well!!! I’ve been at work today, fulltime day. Been up since 5.30am, worked from 8am to 4pm, got home nearly 1h ago now. Been feeling like ■■■■ all day! During my workday i’ve been to the bathroom about once every hour! It was especially bad after lunch break. Felt like just going to sleep then, and I can’t believe i had time to work at all because i went to bathroom so much :S
I haven’t been able to test anything through the day, but it feels like i’ve been a bit too high most of the day…
Monday can’t come soon enough!

Sorry you feel crummy. i hope you get better soon. Watch that BG!

I would make sure you test, as it sounds as if you have been high for awhile. Also, if you have any ketone strips, you might want to check that too.

Hey Jennie,

My name is Lana and I live in a small farming community in Iowa, USA. But I have lived in your beautiful country of Sweden back in 1987. I was an exchange student in Aneby and lived with a great family.

Sorry you feel so badly but, take it all in stride it will get better once they get you on the right medications and diet. Until then drink plenty of water because it sounds as if you are high. If your doctors do not provide you with a meter that you can use to test with try contacting some of the on-line companies sometimes they will provide you with the monitor free and few test stripes to start.

I too have diabetes and I test at least 2 times a day and more often when I do not feel good. My doctor had me go through a food and nutrition class for diabetics and it really helped me. I also had diabetic nutritionist that I could get ahold of with any questions I might have. My first HbA1C was 12.4 in 2006 when I was diagnoised. Now it is 7.4.

If you have anymore questions send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Take Care and Get Better Soon!