Can you define fatty liver and leaky liver? Or tell me where to read up on this?

I'm back in my "learn all I can about diabetes" phase, and I want to know what this is. Are they two different things? What are the repercussions of having a fatty or leaky liver? How is it treated?

They are different. Fatty liver is just what the name indicates it mean the liver has a high fat content. It is mostly found in alcholics and leads to scar tissue being formed. In non-alcholics it is often found in obese people. Non-alcholic people with fatty liver are often diabetic.

Leaky liver is found a lot in T2 diabetics. The liver stores glucose to be released later when needed because glucose levels are low. It stops releasing glucose when blood sugar rises. A leaky liver continues to dump glucose even after the need has past causing bloodsugar to go high. In some case it never stops.

I hope I got this right.


Thanks Gary!

That covers it. As one with leaky liver I see my liver always releasing excess glucose as well as nasty dawn effects and other spurious liver dumps.

When my BG goes sub 70 and liver hops in to add glucose; I can see my BG rammed up to peak of 511 and slde back to average of 278 to 311 as heart pumping averages out the glucose around body. Normally when liver releases glucose on sub-70, BG should only go up to 120 max - 20 per cent more than nominal.

For some reason the liver is not signalling properly on the insulin present in blood stream and seems to ignore. Only metformin will stop that raindance if dose big enough in the blood stream.