Can you go a week with no Lows or Highs?

Sooooo me!!

Me too!!



Aggressive exercise on the mountain and road bikes makes my sweeps pretty radical. I've been doing the thing for the past few weeks now, tracking my sugars before and after riding, and I am just all over the map. There's just no way to hold them 'in line' when climbing 2,500 vertical feet over 16 miles in the dirt in 1 hour 45 minutes. That's life (with D).


no magic pill/formula??

I can sympathize with Michael. I don't mountain bike, but any extended period of exercise will send my BGs dropping. For me it's jiujitsu training. Just looking at a mat is worth a 20 point drop.

If there is going to be a magic pill/formula, please, please, please, please, please, don't let it be wasted on trying to even out my BGs during exercise.

I want it to fix my immune system and give me new islet cells.

Oooo, and a new pony, please.


Every morning is different. Every blood sugar is different. Every ride is different. After 30 years of this, I don't ever expect things to 'settle in' to some sort of routine. It's just impossible (for me -- I do get it that there are others out there who do much better at this than me!!). I try not to overreact to things, but sometimes I overload in order to offset an aggressive low. I just try to stay out of the dungeon when I'm on the bike. My Dexcom helps immeasurably with that since I can now see trends and stay in front of things. Still, it ain't perfect.


Yesterday a 1/2 hour walk, started at 177 ended up in the 80's and felt like crap.

I think that the "delta" or change in BG levels can produce symptoms pretty readily. When I used to correct w/ IV shots, I'd blast away at 350 or so and test in 15 minutes and be at like 150 but already be starting to sweat, get a bit frazzled, etc. but the "peak valley" still would be 15 minutes off. If you had like 5G of carbs, you'd have been ***perfect***!!

I have a better chance of going to the moon.

I'm excited to go a whole day (it's rare), let alone a whole week!

I'll see what I can do. I've had a couple pretty good days in a row to shake down a basal adjustment and will see what I can do with what seems like a decent start, including a run, a (mini) Snickers and some leftover fried chicken, beans and rice last evening. The other thing I've noticed is that when I have a couple of really tight days, a bigger wave of DP will hit, apparently out of nowhere. Dr. Soosie had mentioned having almond milk before bed so I've been doing that too and perhaps it will help. You guys should bet Tu$ on when I will blow up!!

What's a "low" or a "high"?

I've had my meter say "Hi" and at different times "Low". Is that what counts? Thank god that only happens at most once a year. I think on my meter "Hi" is bigger than 800, and "Lo" is less than 20.

If you are talking about "never being below 70 or above 100", wow, I'm not sure I've ever gone a day without doing one or the other or both. A week? You gotta be kidding me.

I have never had a "hi" or "low" read out on my meter. I guess I am talking in the 50's or above 180. Even though for decades of this disease 180 was an okay number for me, knew I could move through my day without fear of a low, lordie!!!

Hmmm, day two a bit more turbulent, pizza and McDonald's french fries caused some spikes that had to be walked off. The 64 is 81 so DP probably firing away and I wouldn't count that as a low since I didn't do anything? We'll see how today goes!

Damn, I blew it, woke up @ 50 meter today...maybe too much working out, not enough eating, too much insulin, etc, etc. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Yes I can ...I have gone 4 months now. I am a trial patient on Afrezza...Please see my blog.

Please read my bloog ...trying to reach out to diabetics with lows. I have have no lows anymore.

I used to have the same problem until I went on trial for Afrezza ...Read my blog.

I can go without lows (I consider <65 a low) for weeks on end. BUT I cannot go without HIGHS. I set my target at 100. I test ONE hour after eating and that's when I get above 140. Obviously my timing could be better. Get that insulin in 25 minutes ahead and at one hour there is no 140. In fact, there's only a little blip. Why am I so bad at it?