Can you go a week with no Lows or Highs?

Can you?

Hello Karen, good to see you here again. No definitely not. I do dream though. Some weeks are pretty straight forward but the weeks before my period are awful and difficult to manage. I never go seriously high now or lower than 3mmols, which is better than before. I know people can flatline but I haven't reached that enviable stage yet. Working on it.

It sort of depends how you define them. I'd say "no" but I also freak out or go "woah, I'd better fix this!" if my BG hits 120. I don't worry about "lows" unless they get in the way of something. Occasionally, I'll nudge my pump into "running hot" and will see more pronounced lows or treating more lows and will just turn it back down. I'm sort of in a place where I can do this and am able to function reasonably well. This sort of makes me thinks that the "Conservative" approach of aiming higher, like a lot of doctors recommend, isn't the best approach. If you aim to miss, you'll probably succeed!

No way.....I'm vigilant ...but I know it's coming sooner than later.....aggressive insulin therapy is a breading ground for highs and lows....

Not much of a chance, but I have certainly improved a lot this summer and can see a "flatline" in the future. So far I have had 1 day this month with no lows or highs. Next month I will try for 2 days.

No,sadly most of my problems is hypos.

when my honeymoon is behaving and i only have to take basal and eat low carb, yes, and its a beautiful thing. this week im back on the juice (novorapid) and was right on time with a hypo on day 2. stupid fast acting ruining my life!!

No, I might get a few days but even that is unusual due to unpredictable peaks from Lantus and runaway meal spikes.

simply put : no
Yes, good to see you back here :)

PS I used my " ideal range " to the response ,which maybe different for everyone ?

simply ... No
Sometimes I wonder if it's possible. It would be really nice though! right now my "ideal" is at least 50% of readings in my target range (3.5 to 7.5), goal would be to get that up to 75% eventually (once I get on a pump maybe)

I’m probably like MegaMinxX. I could probably stay in a range of 60-180 for a week, but I could not stay in a range of 80-140. Mentally my ideal target is 75-120, but that’s not attainable. My aim is to try to have a substantial percentage of my BG in that range.

If I ate super low carb, I would be able to eliminate most of the highs. But I don’t think that I could ever get rid of mild lows. I think one of the hardest parts of Type 1, especially for those of us who are 100% insulin dependent, is that it’s practically impossible to achieve 100% stability of our BG. It’s very complex trying to do what a non-diabetic body does automatically.

not I but i've gotten to where i'm used to theD roller coaster now

Good question Karen. Short answer: No.

Not sure if it is long term t1 (doubt I have 1 beta cell that has survived) or size (somewhat thin) but there doesn’t seem to be much room at all for error.

After reading the results of the tudiabetes survey on hypos, I realized I was having them more often than others…so I have worked at reducing the lows. I got my A1C the other day and it was higher, but still below 7 so can’t complain and I do feel better without so many lows.

I can't. I'll admit I've backslid a little but I'm trying to do better now. I don't know how anyone can be perfect without having a working pancreas.

love that breading ground, ha

the simple answer is NO NO NO. for the most part, despite setting my pump for a temp basal rate while i am walking about the city, my BS inevitably sinks down into the 40s. i want to talk to my endo about this b/c i dont know whether to lower my existing basal rate in the afternoon, or to lower my % of temp basal while i am walking. i think the only way i can figure this one out is if i dont absolutely nothing in the afternoon for a few days and see if there is a distinct pattern.

as for going high, well that happens in restaurants or from miscalculating a new food, or, of course, if i want pasta, pizza, buttermilk pancakes, or any white flour.(darn!!!)

Is that what they put on fried chicken? mmmmm....