How often do most people go low?

Y’all don’t need to say anything personal but how often do you think most people go low? Say, below 60.

I’m just curious because maybe I’m still honeymooning but I’ve only been low once in the last three or four months… And that was because a 14 hour time difference and jet lag made my dawn phenomenon occur in the late afternoon… ugh. Mind you, in my first month of taking insulin, before I started a low carb diet and lowering my dose of insulin, I went low basically every day. It was awful.

I’m a Type 1. 18 years now. The frequency has changed some over the years when I used to run too high all the time (200s and above - lows were less frequent), but I would say that the answer has always been OFTEN.

I was surprised in Manny’s poll the other day that “almost daily” was the most frequent choice because I would say once, twice, sometimes three times a day for me. Not much ‘almost’ to it.

Once or twice a week not that offfen b/4 the pump but a1c in the upper 7s b/4. My problem trying not to over corect I come times get in the 50s and stay there for several hours bummer

At least once every 2-3 days. Although yesterday I had 3 lows.

Interesting question…

I’d bet ~money~ most folks get a clinically low number, at leasr a couple times a month. The more intense, the harder you try and control yourself, guarantee the more likely getting a low will be. Absolutely no control or attempt at same, and the opposite DKA will occur.

Myself, couple times a month have a low but have caught all but one that kicked my butt a weekend or two back. Worst one I ever had.

Usually once every 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I can go a week but that usually means i’ve been running really high. If my numbers are looking good i’ll usually have a low every couple of days. :slight_smile:

I’d say every day to every 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I’ve gone a week or two, if the stars are alligned right, or I’m running higher.

Usually at least once a day, if not more.

usually 2 times a day…I’m having a heck of a time tweaking my basals!

About every 3 or 4 days… may be once a week if it is an Ohio snow day and I am inside on the computer not moving around and eating and consequently, not bolussing right ( Yes, I run higher then)…I haven’t been able to tweak my basals yet to avoid lows in the unstable exercise and movement activity of public schools… I.never know when or how much I have to move around in order to keep up with the kiddies…I catch all of my low bgs, but will go to the nurses office just to make sure I follow through with treatment if I am under 50…

It’s nice to see someone here besides me who sports a low more than once a day. laughs

I still tend to go low everyday late in the afternoon, but I am still adjusting basals and such. It used to be 2 or 3 times daily

I really don’t know. i have been diabetic for 34 years. In my 15- 25th year, my lows were uncommon. Then they started to increase and now i can have multiples in a single day. As oen becomes more brittle you get less tolerant of extremes. Looking at an apple can send you BS to the 300’s and taking one unit can crash dive you. Its the extremes that cause so much hassle.


That’s great that you’re low that infrequently.

Under 60-- usually once a day, sometimes twice. Hate it! My lows are always in the afternoon

The lower I try to get my A1c (currently on 6.7%), the more lows I have, it’s just the margin of error is smaller. I find some days I go low a couple of times - I would go low between 5 - 10 times a week. The levels vary - this morning I had the sort of low where you lose your eyesight, which is pretty low for me.

Hi Gerri:

I can never tell when I am goiing to go low - it can happen at any time of the day in my case. You are important to me so as far as I am concerned “stay n touch:”. God bless you and luv, Sharon

Arielle (what a beautiful name), enjoyed your story. I love sassy patient stories.

My lows usually come in cycles. Honestly, its usually because I don’t check my blood sugar frequently enough. When I do this regularly, I almost never have issues.
I hate to be low because of the psychological effect that it can have. Also, when I get really low, i can have severe headaches for like a day afterwords. No fun, that’s why I stay on top of it!!

Nick Los Angeles

just like me!
i have had always lows in the morning
though no pass out :slight_smile:
it was super awful to me because in that time ihad my final exams

and that all

Nearly every day, and often tow or three. I never really kept track. Lows are a well-established risk of having tighter control though, as shown in the DCCT. If your target is 100, it doesn’t necessarily take much for it to drop below 80.