Can you recycle gel packs?

Does anyone know if you can recycle these CVS caremark gel packs that the insulin comes in? Seems like a waste if they all go in landfill. I notice that Blue Apron allow you to dispose of the gel safely and recycle the plastic. Or, you can return the packs to them for reuse.

Can you do similar with CVS gel packs?

Keep them and use them for ice packs for coolers, etc… They’re re-usable

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I know the ones in my shipment are not recylcable (sp?). I do save them and use them as Sam suggested. They are great for power outages and last longer than ice does in a cooler and can be re-used again.

We have WAY too many gel pack (plus styrofoam coolers that aren’t recyclable) so I took a bunch to a late spring rummage sale sponsored by a local charity.

Are mail order shipments still actually cold when you receive them?

I was turned off by the whole concept early on when a Canadian pharmacy told me they’ll ship insulin to the USA but it takes 18 days to clear customs— though not to worry because they use foam coolers and gel pacs. That’s when I was super bargain hunting— my current insurance coverage offers lower copays through Mail order

Yep, they are. My husband’s been getting some meds through Express Scripts and the service has been very good. I’m still getting my insulin from the local pharmacy 'cos we sure don’t need more gel packs and coolers!

And how many rooms of my house do you suggest devoting to storage for them? In my experience if you hold on to them they tend to accumulate rather quickly and only a handful, at most, are ever being actively “re-used”. :disappointed:

I expect if it really took 18 days, then no, the gel would not still be frozen. I have no way of knowing though since it’s more like a max of two to four days before they show up in my case. (From a VA pharmacy distribution center in Illinois IIRC).

But as always, I worry a lot more about the insulin freezing than I do about it getting warm, especially as this time of year approaches. I just ordered a refill because I’d rather it shipped while the days were still “warm”.

If he lives in a fishing community I think a fish processor that ships frozen fish would be happy to have them… Just an idea

@Sam19 Actually I live in a city. Yes, I thought as much. I figure I’ll keep a few for coolers in the summer and discard the rest… pity about the waste. Thanks!

I don’t know if mine can be, I have saved some but there are way too many so I give the rest away to goodwill etc.

I am working on a design to convert the styrofoam coolers that they ship with into inexpensive, but very high quality egg incubators… Will keep this forum posted if it turns out to be a success.