Can't Bolus more that 12 units w/o leaking- Pumping NEWBIE!

New to my Pump! 6 day newbie!! My issue is I have alot of :real estate: and i am using the inset 9mm and I can only bolus about 15 units at a time w/o it leaking. I need 24 units ( im super IR). Ive been splitting the dose into 2- and that seems to work fine-

Does this happen to anyone else? In 6 days i've had to change my site 4 times. Is it bc im thick and the cannula is not far enough down? This is a totally bummer for me. Not a deal breaker yet...but wonder what i can do?


I have been on the Amimas ping for a year now.

I had a similar problems to yours. This happen to me when my site was like 2 days old or so. I would say to check how the cannula is inserted into your skin. Make sure the cannula is the most it can be into your skin. I tend to angle, like 20degrees, my infusion set inserter (I use a inset 30) so like that the cannula can go in a bit more deeper and straighter thus preventing leakage.

I can also recommend to use combo bolus, if you have that option. Like that the insulin can be delivered slowly in a duration 0.1hrs or 0.5hrs.

As the days pass by, you will get the hang of it and become a master at it. And also talk with whoever trained you, they can give you tips on how to manage this problem. I am only a pump user, not a trainer nor doctor.

Have you tried using a different set? The angled sets (Comfort or inset 30) give you a longer cannula and many people find them more reliable than the 90 degree sets. The Comforts come in 13mm and 17 mm lengths. Ask Animas to give you a few to try out.

Yes, I can also vouch that the angled set works well for a large bolus (12 units +), as it has a longer cannula. When with a combo bolus, I think it works well. Best wishes!

Sorry if I missed this but where does it leak from, seems weird, regardless of the length of the cannula or the size of the bolus, should the insulin not be going into your skin and not "leaking"?!?! sorry I am not clear where exactly it leaks from. You could also try a slower bolus speed in the pump settings.

Combination bolus works well (80-20 ratio over an hour). As well you can slow down your infusion speed. Good luck!