Leaking at Infusion Site

I changed my infusion set last night and my bs has been as usual for the most part. I did notice that after lunch my bs was a little higher than usual. I took a correcting dose and 2 hours later that dose only brought it down about 15 points. I took another correcting dose and at 7:00 pm was fine. I took my dinner bolus and noticed that the adhesive around the infusion set is slightly wet and smells of insulin (you know that distinctive smell?). The dinner bolus wasn’t large or anything. This is the first time this has happened. Do I just need to change the infusion set again? What would cause this to happen. Thanks for y’all’s input

I have had this happen occasionally. Usually happens when I am in my third day of set use, but has happened in first and second days of set use as well.

Yes, when this happens you should change your set. Cause can be partially occluded cannula or more often (with me) bending and moving causes the canula to loosen and insulin seeps back up the outside of the cannula.

Thanks. I’ve only been on the pump since September and this is the first time. I’m assuming I’m also not getting all of the insulin in my bolus.

You may wish to use the slower delivery speed if you are not already doing so. You can adjust this in the setup mwnu, advanced screen 2. You can select bolus delivery speed as normal (1 unit every second) or slow (1 unit every 4 seconds). The general rule, however, is that if you see or detect leakage from the infusion site, it is best to change the infusion set. Also, with the inset device, the cannula should be in thecenter of the little window… I have only occasionally had a leakage problem, and changing the infusion set has always solved the problem.

Thanks Bill. I did change the infusion set. To my surprise, the cannula looked just fine. I half way expected it to be bent.

Sometimes it’s just that the skin is a little tougher in one area than the other. I have some spots that just don’t really work. It’s a live and learn process. If my sugars don’t come down after a bolus, I’ll rub my finger along the site and give it a sniff - if I smell insulin, I change it. I use steel 90 degree needles, so bending or kinking is not a problem for me. I also recommend you use the slower speed if not using it already. It made a huge difference for me when I switched to the ping

Thanks. I’ll try the slower speed. The bolus before I noticed the leaking was a combo bolus and it had only delivered 4 units at that point, which isn’t very much. I’ve given plenty of boluses between 6 and 8 units as that’s my normal bolus for a meal. I guess it’s just a spot to avoid. I do appreciate everyone’s input.

As far as the sets go, I’m using the 9mm straight inset, but am thinking about going to the steel set. The only thing I see about those sets I don’t like is that it’s got 2 pieces to use and I’ve already got the infusion set and my Dexcom. How much “stuff” do I really want on my abdomen, you know.

I use the Accu-check rapid D (started on that while using my first pump). It only has one piece to connect to the abdomen and is easily disconnected for showers etc. Only advantage of the two piece version is that it’s a bit harder to pull out (you have a intermediate stress point). As time goes on, you’ll find out which places work best and which to avoid. Hang in there!