Cant get back on track!

Hey fellow watchers.

I joined WW in November. I have lost my 10% and was working towards my goal. However, when summer hit… I fell off the wagon AND it drove over me a couple times. Im so stuck now I cant get back on. I still pay and I still try to make healthy choices, but Ive gained a pound a week this past month.

Advice… .please?! WW REALLY helped my diabetes and I know I need to do it for that too!

I find that the best tool to get me to really see what I’m doing wrong is the tracker. If you bite it, write it. Having an actual visual display of what went in my mouth is more powerful to me than anything else. Making sure I am eating the basics like fruit, vegetables and milk takes care of the overwhelming hunger. But we all have our favorite foods. I LOVE chocolate. I don’t deny myself, but I do write it down. Maybe keeping the tracker won’t work for you, but it sure helps me.

I agree with Sheila. Tracking is so helpful, even if you don’t react to it at first and just document. If you see it, you’ll see where you can start tweaking.

Secondly, I highly recommend stopping telling yourself that you’ve fallen off the wagon. Every meal is a chance to make a better decision. My WW leader always says that writing off a weekend and saying you’ll start again on Monday is to say “I plan to make bad choices at the next few meals because I made a bad choice at this one.” There are certainly times that I have eaten way more points than I should have, but I have tried not to let it derail the next meal, or the next day, or the next week.

One of the keys to that, besides just that attitude that the next meal is another chance, has been to tell myself that I don’t have to say “Yes” every time. If you’re at a meal and you want that second helping, you usually say yes or you feel that deprivation. But you can say ‘no’ today because it didn’t fit into your plan and then ‘yes’ tomorrow when you’ve planned for it. For instance, if I’m low and I’d like to treat with a donut, but I had a big lunch and shouldn’t spare 6 pts for that moment of donut, I will tell myself that I will plan how to fit a donut into my day another time. Then I will work to make it happen on a different day. It certainly helps with the feelings of deprivation and puts you back in the driver’s seat regarding your daily points intake. And I’ve always seen that as the point of WW. Planning. Which will put you back in the driver’s seat for your diabetes control as well.

Our group leader had a great visual for us a few weeks ago, of a person climbing a set of stairs. She said, “When you trip on a step or fall down, do you then throw yourself down the rest of the stairs?” Well, no, you don’t. In my case, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and hope no one saw my moment of klutzyness.

When we have a slip up with our WW journey, whether it’s a meal, a day, a week or a month, you just get up, dust yourself off, and keep on moving towards your goal. :-)!

What a great analogy. I’ll remember that the next time I “slip” on the stairway to my goal.