Weight Watchers


This is the group for all the people with diabetes who have joined Weight Watchers and want to talk about it and support each other!


Is anyone still doing weight watchers? I joined on line I like the core plan has anyone had success with weight loss better blood sugar readings etc


Hi Audrey,
I am still doing weight watchers. Fell off the wagon over the holidays and now I’m trying to get back on track again. By following the flex plan I lost a total of 25 lbs ( gained about 3 back recently). My Insulin need went down from averaging about 25 units per day to about 16-18 a day. So I was pretty happy that the weight came off. It’s keeping it off that is more of a challenge for me. Once I start eating a little bit more then I have to increase my insulin again …a vicious circle…so a little bit difficult. All the same it’s one of the better programs out there. Good luck to you :slight_smile:


I ma still doing WW, I have lost 47 LBS so far. But have many more to go.My insulin went down by about 5 units per day, no biggie. But it has been really good for me.

Rick phillips


Hi Fellow WW’ers!
I’m back on WW. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago (well 22 days tonight!) but who’s counting.
I’ve done WW before and lost 40 pounds, after the birth of my second child. Well, 10 years later and I’m up 20 pounds (with a little help of some extra eating over the past few weeks).
So, I’m back on point counting.
What tips can you all share? It’s been a while since I’ve done this.



Hostess has a 1 point mini chocolate snack thing, it is the 100 calorie packs. I love those things. I also favor grapes. Damn I survive on grapes these days. Oh one other thing 94% Fat free popcorn, the little 100 calorie packs wonderful. I go Kettle cron.


Hmhh… 1 point mini choc snacks sound good. I’m still having “issues” at night and grape tomoatoes get old at 11pm


Ok, after about a week on weight watchers my daily insulin requirements are already decreasing. I am on an insulin pump and after the 1st 3 days of constant low BS’s I decreased my boluses and the point system is making me more acountable for my actions *excessive snacking). Can’t wait to weigh in on Friday, I hope I’ve lost!


I hope everyone is having a happy healthy day.



Last night I cracked the 50 LB mark (finally), I have not lost 54.8 LBS


Rick thats amazing! Congrats.


Thanks Rick! You just reminded me of the Kettle corn! I had forgotten about those!


Just rejoined WW this week. It’s so different from the old plan I had used when I lost 75 lbs. Of course, I have that and a whole lot more to lose this time around. I’m finding the point system easier to handle. The surprising thing to me is that I wasn’t eating enough before. In the last couple of days I have seen my BS come down. This is just the beginning of a long road for me. Did anyone have any problems getting through the holiday?


I am still doing well and really the holiday was pretty tame. Ok, I cheated at the Baseball game.



Congrats on re-joining. I like the points system and found the same thing. I was not eating enough. As of today, I’m down 9.4 pounds since May 12. I also walked today 1.5 miles on my treadmill today and it felt great!


Congratulations. I’m so glad the rain has finally stopped so I can go walking. I don’t always get out there, but when I do it feels so good.


I have done WW off and on for the past 6 years. I have lost weight but then gain again. I am re-joining tomorrow (I just moved and my fiance is going to join with me. yay!). My question is this: I also try to eat low glycemic. Is there anyone else who does WW but is also a low glycemic eater? I really feel like WW helps to keep me accountable, its really hard to do it on my own!


Hi Tutts - the nice thing about Weight Watchers is that you can eat what you want, within your points value range. And WW promotes eating “Filling Foods” which are for the most part, considered low glycemic. I’ve reduced my insulin usage by about 60% with WW.


I reached Goal today! Now for maintenance!


Congrats, Maureen!!!