Can't lose weight!

So, I have been a diabetic since 1985 and a pump user for the past year. I quit smoking 5 years ago and immediately put on 30 pounds. I have tried working out at the gym with a trainer, LA Weight Loss, WW, other fad diets, a nutritionist and nothing seems to work. I typically eat 900 cals per day. The nutritionist upped me to 1200 cals and I gained more weight. Grrr! I am also on Symlin which is supposed to aid in weight loss. Not that I want to lose 30 pounds but 15-20 would be great. :slight_smile:

I realize that insulin has a tendency to make it difficult to lose weight but is there a way? I am frustrated…and broke…and still chubby. haha! In fact, the insanity has gone as far to think ‘Oh, if I make my sugars run high, then I will lose weight.’ Since I am 40 and my A1C has been a consistent 6.4, I’d really like to maintain good health. I also know that ‘a chubby diabetic is a healthy diabetic’ but that just sucks.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

My theory is that my insulin intake determines my weight. What killed me were the unexpected corrections that I had to make when I was too high. Since I got my CGM my bg control is much better and I rarely need to correct. As a result I lost 10 pounds without even trying.

900 calories isn’t much. How frustrating!

Sure you’ve tried this, but lowering carbs with moderate protein helps weight loss. Lowered carbs means less insulin, of course. Sometimes people eat too much protein & that makes weight loss difficult. You certainly need adequate protein especially if you’re working out & to keep from feeling hungry. Here’s a protein calculator from Jenny’s site: By entering your ideal weight, age, gender, activity level it gives protein requirements. Hope this helps.

Hi Kelly

I know the frustration!
I’ve also been experiencing insulin resistance (over the past 6 years) which means… MORE INSULIN! yay!
I haven’t gained too much weight from it, though- about 5-10 pounds?

I’ve recently cut back on carbs. I’m still eating about 900 calories per day, but I’ve cut back on carbs which has been lowering my insulin dosages.

I was taking about 12 units per meal, and now I’m taking about 6 units per meal- less carbs…

I’ve been eating romaine lettuce (good nutrients), almonds, vegetables, baked chicken, hamburger meat, and fish. Sometimes I’ll have a yogurt or a glass of milk. I still have my frappucino in the morning (else I can’t get through work!) but I’ve opted for the “lite” version and have cut my fat and carb intake in HALF.

Since I started the low carb thing… my BG levels have not peaked over 190 (which is FANTASTIC for me) and haven’t gone lower than 50. (I usually have a lot of highs and lows) I only started low carb ten DAYS ago.

I’m hoping it doesn’t “wear off”.

I hope this helps.

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