Carb Addict - Can you hear me?

Scared enough to rub the horns off a Billy Goat.
Not even Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetic Solution
Book helps.


I had to go cold turkey. no starches, no sugars including fruit/juice.
it was worse than giving up smoking
starving hungry for 2 days, then it stopped. (this is the hard part for me)
flat as a tack for a week or so till I started burning fats (eat anything but a carb, what ever you do. eat as much as you want,)

a long page and a few good video’s

what to expect the first week

This gives a simple overview to how it works
For me, the more carbs we eat the more carbs we want. They don’t give up easy and it’s biochemical

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Every diabetic needs to pay attention to carbs. I have grown quite comfortable with Bernstein. Others can tolerate more carbs. We each do best when we “Eat to our Meter.” I’ve been lo-carb since 2007, but I had a supportive husband and sister who helped me get here. Finding substitutes helps. I’ve re-posted this several times–a blog I wrote awhile back. Perhaps it will help…It is well worth it in the end…Blessings and do stay in touch!

I wouldn’t call it addicted to carbs but I love rice and McDonald’s french fries. Before I was diagnosed I couldn’t pass a McDonald’s without getting a bag of french fries. After diagnosis I realized there were 67 carbs in a large french fry, so I had to give up except for special occasions.

I’m Japanese and I had eaten rice every day of my life, usually for 2 or more meals a day. Now the doctor wants me to limit carbs to 60 per meal and I try to stick to it. Even it it killed me I couldn’t give up rice, so I work it into my diet.

I love carbs! But lately they have been more of a pain for the after results than a treat. :frowning: Changing all my doses and rates hasn’t helped, and I’m always terrified to go low even with a CGM on! But gosh I love those carbs, pasta is my best friend. This is very helpful and encouraging me to once again, try a low carb diet to get myself feeling better again!

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have a look at the links I put here, it should help you work out your basal and bolus for low carb, you may need to bolus for about half the protein.
Continuing the discussion from Low Carb Good Fats:

also I would join the FB group T1 grit, low carb will keep you very level, some have flat lines for the week without any hypos…also have you joined the flatliners group here?

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Going off booze or drugs is far worse - they call that Hell Week for a reason…
Unlike a low carb diet’s occasional grumbling stomach problem, seizures during withdrawal from a truly addictive substance like alcohol can be lethal.
Count to ten, chomp on a carrot or asparagus stick or a lump of bacon and you will feel much better/


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Yes, Vancouversailor has it right, carrot sticks and/or celery sticks and some hummus and you will be ready to go again.

I have a neighbor who’s a carb addict for a rather different reason. All of his teeth have been extracted, and the dentures made for him fit poorly enough that he usually leaves them in a drawer rather than using them at meals. At least he doesn’t have diabetes, since the foods soft enough to eat with neither teeth nor dentures tend to be high in carbs. His favorite foods are mashed potatoes and rice.

My brother in law is a long haul truck driver, which is not a very healthy profession. (Sitting all day, greasy meals at diners, lack of sleep, stress from traffic.) Fortunately for him he does not appear to have the genes for diabetes type 2, but over the 40 years he has worked at that job he has lost all but two of his teeth. And he’s never had enough extra money to pay for proper dental care and dentures. as he is not only supporting his wife and daughter who are from the Philippines, but also paying the cost of running an elementary school in his wife’s home village, something we take for granted here but that is not for everyone in the third world.
Anyway, my brother in law lives on a diet he calls mush, which I guess says it all. So does anyone here have experience with the dental implants that a lot of dentists are trying to promote these days?

take a look at this topic and comment if you want to

I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I’ve read that if someone needs dentures and goes without them for a long time, the inside of the mouth smooths out and makes it hard to keep dentures in place if they are finally provided.

Long before I even considered it, my Big Bro said Caffeine was the worst withdrawal for him–LOL…

Good point Judith…
A few years back I was having breakfast with an aunt and uncle of mine in Norway. Suddenly my uncle started having convulsions, turned red in the fast and was obviously quite distressed, My aunt was laughing.
It was her idea of a joke she had played on her husband. After 40 years of serving him regular, strong ground coffee she had served him a cup of Nescafe instant caffeine free. He practically fell off his chair.


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