I think I am going to try very low carb

My mom has lost 30 pounds in 5 months on Fat to Skinny & my aunt’s BS went back down to normal after 1 month on it ,she had Pre type 2 diabetes .

After my pizza party yesterday and very high BS till 1 Am this morning still a little high this morning my mom is going to cut my carbs way down . just thought yall might be interested ,here is the link


There are lots of people here who have had good luck with low carb diets. I don’t know anything about the diet book you linked to, but the site smells like a lot of advertising and I always am a little skeptic about these things. I might suggest trying diet that is more broadly recognized. Lots of people here talk about Dr. B, but I might suggest you look into the Atkins diet. There is a new book on the Atkins diet “The New Atkins for You” which starts off with a very low carb level during the induction phase. This book is available in many public libraries.

Thanks I will tell my mom I have heard her say that it is like atkins & Dr. Bernstein’s. I know she makes the PB cookies and they have 1 carb in them and are good . Thanks guys How many carbs do yall eat a day ?

I also use Dr Bernsteins book as the basis for my diet. I use moderate low carb to regulate my bgs. But I still have to take metformin. So it doesn’t cure diabetes. By eating foods that are low carb, your body doesn’t need as much insulin to push the glucose into your cells. Many of us have adapted to a low carb lifestyle. If you look at it like a diet to lose weight and not a way to eat forever , it won’t be as effective. I have found if I fall off the wagon and start eating carbs like pizza my bgs will spike higher than ever. There are tons of low carb recipe sites online. One of my favorite is www.genaw.com/lowcarb/