Carb counting poll


I do a combo of both. Straight carb counting only covers part of the calculation. I also calculate how much time for pre bolus? I’m in Auto Mode so I can’t do an extended bolus so now I’m splitting the bolus based on fat and protein. How should I split the bolus 70/30 or 50/50? Carb count is only a small variable in a complicated equation.


“Sugar surfing”? Gotta remember that one!


Sugar Surfing is a book written by Dr. Stephen Ponder. I highly recommend it.


This is something many doctors and others don’t understand.
They would rather think we are not counting, measuring, etc as the root cause of variations.


LOL in spite of myself - I thought I was being so righteous, getting into the habit of eating breakfast & loading up my oatmeal with sunflower & flax seeds… then I took a Libre scan… 259, WTF!!! Now I only eat oatmeal when I get down into the 70s in the afternoon!

My BG maxes out ~150-160 right after I get up in the morning & I’m so sensitive to carbs then, I try to avoid them completely until BG goes below 100 (usually around noon). Just beef & cheese sticks with my morning coffee these days (too lazy to cook)!

By dinner time I can handle 20-25g net carbs but not much more than that. (The other night I went to a Chinese buffet & it took my BG 14 hours to come down!) In the mean time I can treat a hypo with 5-10g.

[Turning 65 next week, DX’d T2 in Dec. 2017, glyburide 5mg, Toujeo 34u, don’t formally count carbs but am starting to get a feel for how much I can handle thanks to my Libre, A1c down from 13.2 to est. 5.5]


Bless my endo forever for getting me a CGM so I can measure! I sent him my data dump last week so I could get a new script for Toujeo before I left on vacation. (Old script was written for 10u when I started in April with instructions to increase gradually & I’m up to 34 but it was “too soon” to get it refilled.) I’ve gotten my A1c down from 13.2 to the mid-5s but I was fretting a little about being carb sensitive - especially in the morning - & not being able to get my FBG down (it always maxes out ~150-160 right as I’m getting out of bed). He replied, “Don’t worry about any specific number. Your progress is superb.”

Having a doc who gets it: Priceless.


Well said. I do much the same. I count the carbs but then factor in things like meter reading, type of meal, experience with this type of meal, time of day, at home or away…There is the official sliding scale per the Rx and then +/- my personal fudge factor to calculate dose and it works very well for me.


Same for me. I restrict types of carbs, so I usually don’t count and don’t even bolus every day. And I use Afrezza too when I do bolus.


Its not a binary choice, either carb count OR estimate.

They are not mutually exclusive things. Counting starts the formula, experiences adds to the equasion.


I claim to carb count (because I need to enter it into my pump), but I will also admit to being guilty of doing a lot of guessing. There are many foods (especially unlabeled things like fruit or when going out to eat) where I am not quite sure, and I am usually too lazy to bother looking it up. There are also some things I just don’t bother counting or sometimes sneak in, for example, when I go to game nights, I often add a little punch to my diet coke so that I can make it through the night without getting low, so I never actually have all things entered in at all. But I think that with things like Auto Mode in the 670G & Guardian 3, the little things like this are not as important as they used to be.


I carb count as a basis, but I know when my insulin resistance is going up or down (hormones, mostly) and make adjustments.


i totally agree. Like you eat the same thing every day for 3 mons


i have a scale that measure the fruit and with a software program tells me the carbs.


I have used that when I get unsolicited opinions on what I should be doing “Oh really, how long have you been diabetic?”… The look on their face is priceless… I usually follow up with a “stick to what you’re good at”


Carb counting…100% of the time.