Carbs to eat

There are many types and versions of brown rice, but the main thing is to eat carbs in a natural state, especially if you are worried about GI and blood sugar levels. Stay AWAY from the word ENRICHED in everything you eat. Stay AWAY from the word INSTANT on anything you eat.

I’m not talking about the packaged junk in a tear out bag with ‘maple’ flavor, or the one with little ‘apple slices’ already in there. Buy the quick cooking plain Oatmeal, or regular cooking plain Oatmeal. When you look at the ingredients it should say “100% rolled OATS”. IT SHOULD NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE IN THE INGREDIENTS.

Then, after cooking, you should add some protein powder, preferably a high quality whey protein (again, with minimal ingredients and minimal sugar, try getting the stuff with Stevia which is great for diabetics). The protein is important as it will give the body needed amino acids for repairing muscle. Add some natural Peanut Butter if you want to slow down the digestion a little, which helps keep the glucose levels nice and level even more, and adds the necessary FAT that the body requires. The peanut butter should be the all natural type. Smuckers currently sells an Organic version that is about $5/jar. The ingredients should say “Peanuts and Salt”, NOTHING ELSE. Jif? Skippy? Absolutely not.

If any of this information is new to you, why are you still eating junk food?