Breakfast cereal

Have been eating weight loss oatmeal for breakfast. (purchased prior to just being diagnosed). Just looked at the label and could not believe the number of carbs! Have not yet been to grocery store to evaluate other labels. Anyone know what cereals are low in carbs and sugar?

Welcome to tudiabetes, Rob. I see that you are newly diagnosed and wonder if you have been told to eat a lot of whole grains and a low fat diet? If so, you will find that you won’t be able to lose weight or maintain good BG levels. Many of us find that cereal is not the best choice for breakfast since grains are so high in carbs and the morning meal is the time that even non-diabetics get the highest BG readings. Plus the milk on top is also high carb. Special K have a Low Carb Lifestyle Protein Plus cereal that has14g / 5g fiber per serving but it is a bit like cardboard. Some people like Kashi, but I find it is still too high in carbs. I eat toasted nuts with berries and whole milk yogurt.

I eat steel-cut oats (cooked overnight in the slowcooker). The carbs in it release quite slowly over a longer period of time.

(re eating carbs & losing weight - I eat a low-fat diet with between 120 and 200 carbs or more per day, and have no problems losing weight. It’s all about the calorie count for me.)

I’ve gotten sugar-free Quaker instant oatmeal packs, and grocery store brand versions of it. They vary a little depending on brand. I’ve bought some that was as low as 18g/pack. I prefer old-fashioned oatmeal though, so in the winter, I eat that more often than not.