Careers and diabetes

Hey guys,
So these last few months, I’ve had a lot on my mind. In December I will be going back to school for cosmetology. I am very excited to start, but scared. I am soooo scared of how my diabetes will interfere with school. I think about it constantly. I am not so worried so much about the first few months, I’ll be learning to cut hair on just a dummy, but what am I going to do once I know how to cut real people’s hair and I go low?

I’ve told myself so many times that I AM LIVING MY LIFE. Not my diabetes. But I still am not convinced.


Congrat’s on going back to school! Diabetes will not interfere with your schooling. Since you are going to be on your feet a lot I would recommend keeping glucose tablets close, just incase your levels drop.
You’ll be okay cutting hair, try not to worry. “I am living my life, not my diabetes.” You have to believe it in order to achieve it.
You should write “I am living my life, not my diabetes” put it on a index card and post it in the booth with you. When ever you feel discouraged pull it out, read it and repeat it to yourself…
If you say it, read it and write it, you’ll believe it

Keep us posted


I am a cosmotologist and love it, my clients are the best. I wasnt always diabetic and alot of my clients remember when it all happened, you get a good relationship with some of them. I think they would rather me excuse my self and get some juice rather than cut thier hair with shakey hands. You’ll be fine. They also helped me raise alot of money for the JDRF walk.

Lucky,you will have a beautiful job,all the time in a cosy place with nice poeple and within reach of a candy or snack.Your costomers are lucky.Good luck