Update about school, diabetes and just life!

Hello to all!! I’ve been off here for awhile again so I wanted to update and see how everyone else is doing? Blood sugar wise I’ve been doing good :slight_smile: I will be having bloodwork done in the next few weeks to offically see how I’m doing but for the first time in what seens like a long time I’m excited to see what my a1c is.
About a week and a half ago I started college. I’m doing math which I go to class for monday and wednesday mornings then I’m also doing Communications and Psyhology online. I’m already staying very busy because I’m fitting school in with work and I know its still going to get worse! But I think it will get better in a way as I get used to it and work out a schedule.
I am still teaching private piano and love it. I absolutly love working with the kids and have gotten very attached to my students.I also do like 3 every two week cleaning jobs as a way of making money that is flexible. Cleaning has been my main way of making money for awhile as it is easy to find jobs that pay well in my area and they are easy to work in with my other stuff. As I get more piano students I am hoping that that can become my main work.
How have all you been doing? Diabetes related and other stuff?