Carpel Tunnel and Diabetes

My wrist has been hurting me the last few days, its kind of sore. So I was reading on WebMD about carpel tunnel and it says it possibly could be caused by diabetes. Of course it could be that I sit in my office 5 days a week on the computer and then on the weekends on my laptop. Has anyone ever heard of this before or had carpel tunnel because of diabetes. And what did you do.

I’ve had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) for years. I am convinced that it was made worse by my diabetes, although assigning cause is difficult. I am actually scheduled for surgery the first week of August. Generally, your wrist does not hurt with CTS, it usually causes numbness and pain in your index, middle fingers and thumb. Why do you think it is CTS? If you do Phalen’s test (, does it get worse?