Hand neuropathy

I am not sure that is what is going on with me. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome to my right hand when pregnant with my youngest whos now 15. Since then I experience sharp pain at times stiffness that begins about midway between wrist and elbow. But what bothers me the most I get angry even is that my hand loses total control at times and if I am holding something I drop. Unintentionally my hand just opens and I've gotten so mad at losing control of my hand that I cry. My family has seen me do this and dont understand they think I am just clutsy. Does anyone know what is happening to my hand? Seriously depressed over this.

Having CTS is a little like having diabetes, you can relieve the symptoms, but the condition doesn't really go away. You may just be having a flare up of the CTS. It can cause not only numbness in your fingers and difficulty in motor control, but the compression of nerves can cause inflammation all the way up your arm.

I have CTS and had surgery. Despite that I have permanent loss of feeling. And I am clumsy and I have stiffness and spasms at times. And I am clutzy. And I sympathise. But in the scope of things, it is a rather small thing. Sure, I've broken glasses and plates and done embarrasing things. But so what.

If you are really unhappy about this, then do something about it. Go see a neurologist and see whether you have nerve problems. Try some exercises. If it is really bad, you can explore surgery. Surgery made a big difference for me, but it wasn't a "cure."

Hope that helps.

I met a surgical nurse a long time ago who had cts, she had the surgery. Could not feel nothing. Told me never allow them to operate because with lack of feeling I could lose the hand by getting hurt. Let say a severe cooking burn I didn't feel oops there goes amputate I am not going that route but meantime am praying for a miracle of medicine some form of therapy something like that. or stem cell approach. I had that done on my left foot and foots never felt better. That was another condition though. Ive been a diabetic so long that everything is caving lol. I know not so funny but I have to laugh to keep from sobbing. I keep pushing I am tough that way get it from mom. I will fight the good fight until there is no fight left. :) So how are your hands these days. do you lose grip still?

I have to tell you, CTS surgery has made dramatic improvements. The traditional treatment, called the "open release" involves making a 2 inch incision and you had a difficult and lengthy recovery. The current treatment standard is Endoscopic surgery, with two little incisions that heal quickly. You can return to normal activities within a week. I had the surgery on Friday and my doctor actually said it was ok to return to work and type the next monday (although I still had bandages). I was also concerned about complication and success rates for the surgery. I had lived with the condition for more than a decade. The risks of complications are very low and the success rates are pretty high. Needless to say, the outcomes are better with endoscopic surgery. And you can actually repeat the surgery if you have a recurrent problem. WebMd has a good article on the surgery.

After the surgery, I was basically able to recover all my grip strength within three months. Despite the surgery, I still appear to have some permanent nerve damage. I now kick myself for waiting so long on the surgery.

I started having twinges when I played fantasy baseball all summer a few years ago. Scrolling up and down lists of 2B sorted by SLG+OPS, etc. seemed to fire it up. I started using my left hand to mouse and it pretty much went away. MrsAcidRock's BFF had the surgery in the AM and went back to work that afternoon, with a brace. If/ when things go awry, I'd consider getting it.