Carrying Frios

What is the best way to carry Frios? I have new unused ones, but don't know whether to put them in my purse, pocket, or some other way.

Trudy, I have a small frio that holds one vial that I can just throw in my purse. The larger one I use for traveling, but you could put that in your purse as well. They work by evaporation, so a loose pocket (like a jacket) would work, but I don't think it would work well in a jeans pocket.

If you haven't used them before, just be careful not to over-soak them!

I don't think it matters much where you put it, but I think they are a bit bulky when soaked for a pocket. I put mine in my purse or backpack.

Thanks for your replies. It will be my purse, or backpack when camping. I often wear cargo pants, but the pockets are already taken -- with dry things.

The Frio once "inflated" is probably too big for cargo pants pockets, but it actually isn't wet, Trudy, it's dry. After soaking I lay the inner sleeve on a paper towel for a minute, then tuck it in the outer and it's cold but not wet.

That's the beauty of it:) That it's dry.

I'm relieved to hear it's dry, for my purse's sake!

That explained your question!! Frios are pretty amazing - low tech but "magic"

I have a small kit bag specifically designed for carrying diabetes supplies. It zips shut and has interior pockets for all my needed supplies. On the outside is an open mesh side pocket for the Frio so it can breathe. It has a velcro closure.

Pic? Link?

Yes, David, I'd be interested in a link. I've been using a messenger bag from Adorn, but it's so darn heavy when filled, and no mesh pocket. I thought my daypack from the Sierra Club would be nice for trailer camping, and certainly one of it's big pockets would work for a Frio -- but no mesh pocket.

Bad news/Good news/Bad news . . .

It's called a Frio Vitesse Travel Case.

Bad news: the one I have is no longer made.

Good news: a new "improved" model has replaced it.

Bad news: for reasons of their own, Frio is not offering it in the US. I had to order mine and have it shipped from a place in the UK. But I was able to do that without any difficulty.

Hope that helps . . . .

I've got so much D stuff that I don't think I'll buy anything else until I run across something with mesh pockets, until then my purse and daypack will have to suffice. Not going to order from the UK, but I'll keep looking around -- thanks!

Just remember it has to breathe or it doesn’t work

Thanks, I will remember!

Update: we went away to a dog show weekend, actually from Thursday through Sunday, and I kept my opened Levemir pen and Apidra vial in a medium Frio the whole time. It worked! I know because both insulins are still working. (I gave them a good workout too, having to take Prednisone for poison ivy.) Anyway, our trailer fridge decided to go up and down between 30 and 50 degrees, so the insulins could have frozen. I kept my backup insulins in an ice chest. So thanks Everybody for all the information! (Btw, our Golden girls did well at the dog show.)

I frankly don't think a Frio is necessary. I open my bottles of insulin and keep them at room temperature until they are used up. Levemir and Humalog. I've never had a problem, even in tropical climates (except once when left for hours in a hot car - don't do that).

Good to hear, glad it worked for you :) We had our first terrier trial last weekend, the JRTs made me proud ;) Scritches to the girls.

Thanks, scritches also to your talented JRTs. Nice for us humans to feel rewarded!

Hi Jag1. My Levemir pen might be OK, but Apidra is very temperature sensitive; I wouldn't want to take a chance on it's survival.