Insulin cooling devices for traveling. What's the best/most convenient?

We are traveling to California in June for a week vacation at the beach and Disneyland. I’ll need a way to keep my dtr’s insulin cool while we travel, at the beach, disney, etc…new to all of this and first time traveling since dx. I’ve looked at several and was leaning toward the Frio but my husband is dragging his feet because he read some reviews where people said it only kept the insulin at room temp anyway. I figure that’s better than nothing! What do you use? Thanks :slight_smile:

I use a Frio now, and find it keeps my insulin cool. Maybe not refrigerator cool, but cooler than room temp.

As a kid, when we traveled my parents kept my insulin in a small cold thermos we had. Chilling the thermos in the refrigerator a day ahead of time helped, and kept the insulin cool for about 6 hours, which was about all we needed before we got it back into a refrigerator…but we didn’t go anywhere big like Disneyland!

I have never really worried when just going back and forth; even carried stuff in backpack or fannypack when was MDI and never had trouble when I was outside all day at theme parks, hiking, etc. I had more trouble getting in with all my stuff than I did taking care of it! I usually have a cooler anyway for the beach, so stuff goes in there. I have even placed supplies in my reusable, theme park issued drink bottle and carried that in my backpack into the parks. I always carry small cooler in vehicle so anything that I felt may be needed for an “emergency” was placed there while I was playing.

This might seem “low tech” but I just put a really cold can of diet soda in a lunch box that I have. When I’m going really far I’ll put in a cold pack. But usually the cold soda does just fine. And I live in Arizona!!


Have fun at Disneyland! I love it there. It’s so magical. Has Sophia been before??

We are about to take a road trip and will be camping out. There are small 12 volt coolers that run off the car battery for keeping extra supplies cool. We haven’t used one yet but are thinking of getting one. I beliebe they have them at WalMart and you could probably find them on line too. We haven’t gotten ours yet but will need to get it soon as we are leaving in a week. When carrying insulin with you, I think the Frios work very well. Hope this helps. Have a great trip!!

This is Sophia’s first time to Disneyland. She is 5 and her little brother is 3 so I am sure it will be very magical. Thanks!

Love my Frio wallet. Lightweight & convenient. Just needs to be soaked in water to recharge, which makes things easy when traveling. Two vials fit in the small one.

Have fun!

I use Frio. Very good check it

Frio is the best. Just take your pens with you if you use them and put them in the frio wallet, and then they should be fine. You do not want them too cold if you are going to be using them. The rest can stay in the refrigerator in your hotel room.
Keep the frio wallet out of the sun, and if you are taking a cool bag for drinks or food, then put them in there.

You will probably find you might need less insulin any way if the temperatures are high. Just remember to drink plenty and keep checking your sugar levels and have some snacks handy.

If you are flying, take a doctor’s letter with you to state why you are carrying insulin and needles, along with a list of ALL medications that you are on and never pack insulin in the main luggage as the hold in the plane can be so cold that it freezes and that would render it useless.

Other than that you should have no problems. Most of the time airlines do not even bother to look. If they ask you if you are carrying any liquids, just say insulin and that is usually the end of it.

Happy holiday!

I’ve actually been considering this as well. I’ll be gone for two weeks this summer and I’ll be spending a week in mexico. I don’t expect to be outside full time, but I do worry exactly how well a frio can work in the tropical heat and humidity. And while I understand the frio through evaporation can keep insulin at a reasonable temperature inside your pocket, I really doubt it can stand up to direct sun and if the humidity is too high I suspect that it stops cooling.

Does anyone have any experience with the Frio in more extreme conditions?

I have used the frio in over 34 degrees celsius and it worked fine. However you need to always check that the crystals in it feel cool. I used to keep it wet from time to time just to make sure. I have read as well that some US based in Iraq used frio with temps above 40 degrees celsius. Anyways keep always away from direct sun light or heat.

Has anyone had trouble w/ the frio and TSA? I read a review that a person wasn’t allowed to take it through security because it was a “gel”.

I used the frio all week at Disneyland. It worked great. I did put the back up Insulin in the hotel refrigerator after turning the dial down a little. You can keep Insulin and supplies at the First Aid Station in Disneyland on Main Street during the day. They have sharps disposal and everything. Have fun on your trip.

I have traveled all over the world in my 51 years with T1, from Iraq to Haiti to Europe and Asia, and never once have I used a cooler. I simply throw my insulin in my bag (Novolog today; NPH, regular in years past) and hit the road. It’s always been fine, even in some brutally hot and nasty places. The stuff is more robust than you think. So … if it gives you peace-of-mind to use a cooler, then by all means do it. But I can almost guarantee you’ll be equally fine going without it.

I always use the Frio when I travel. They have different sizes so see what works best. I have never had trouble with TSA so it would be disheartening to hear if they denied a passenger boarding because of it, and I do a lot of international travel for work. Two tips I noticed about the Frio with the first one I had purchased:

  1. Never put it in the refrigerator
  2. Don’t carry it in a plastic bag or all sealed up

I think that does something to crystals, because that original Frio did not last. Read the insert that comes with it on how to use. Enjoy Disney!