Cataract Surgery, Laser vs Traditional

Has anyone had cataract surgery? If so was it traditional or laser?

I had retina laser surgery for high eye pressure and retinal hemorrhages. The side effects of the surgery are cataracts. My doctors recommended traditional surgery, but from my research it seems laser cataract surgery is superior to traditional. I am wondering if, he is recommending traditional surgery because his office does not offer laser. So, I am seeking people's personal experiences.

why don't you get a 2nd. & 3rd. opinion with another doctor? i would if i were you.

Hey TI- I have had cataract surgery (traqditional) in addition to MANY laser surgeries for my bleeders, in addition to 5 (yes, FIVE) vitrectomies and found the cataract surgery to be less of a big deal then ANY Of the vitrectomies, from what I have gleened the laser cataract option is not open to peoople who suffer frin duabetic retinopathy as when they remove the cataract they have to replace the "lens" in the eye, and that cannot be done if they are just doing laser. I would, as rhoshana suggests, get several opinions and then just bite the bullet and schedule a traditional cataract second takes place on August 5th! Good lusk and PEACE.

I have recently been dx with Corneal Dystrophy. This is progressive, and eventually will likely require some form of surgical intervention.

This is very helpful to me. I have no medical insurance, so that is an additional consideration to a second and third opinion. I know I need the cataract surgery, my sight is so blurry.

Being uninsured limits some of my opinions.

Linda, I am so sorry. I have learned never to take my vision for granted again. Keep me posted on things with you.

WOW....I cant imagine dealing with the daily CRAP of the Big D with no insurance! How do you do it!?

so sorry linda but keep your hopes up

Hi Steve, It is crazy hard and way too expensive. My husband passed away in 2010, which has been extremely hard, since we had a successful 30 year marriage and were best friends. I am self employed so when Charles died, I lost my coverage because it was through his company, I was insured. The only way, I can deal with it is one day at a time and one step at a time, otherwise it is too overwhelming.

T1- I had cataract surgery in March and YAG laser July 1st. I didn't know they could do laser for "initial" cataract surgery. YAG laser is to treat clouding behind the new lense that can occur after having cataract surgery, but usually takes yrs to occur.. I have had laser for proliferative diabetic retinopathy, an epiretinal membrane peel and vitrectomy when my retina detached.. My vision was horrible prior to the cataract surgery. It is supposed to be one of the safest eye surgeries.

Is traditional surgery what your retinal surgeon is suggesting?
Best wishes.

Yes. I was dx with cataract's at my post surgery exam for the laser surgery treatments of eye hemorrhages and high eye pressure. This was my retina surgeon, however he has referred me to another doctor for the cataract surgery. I have not made an appointment with the cataract surgeon, as of yet.

My follow up exam for the eye hemorrhages is on September 20th, so I might just wait until after that exam to make an appointment with the cataract surgeon. Any thoughts about it?

i also have 2 eye docs.
do you know why? because i have 2 eyes lol.
1 is a cataract specialist the other a retinal specialist.
i've had laser for retinal bleeding & cataract surgery years ago & my eyes are thank god ok.
lots of luck to you & keep in touch

My thoughts go out to you....I cannot imagine what it must be like! You are a pillar for all of us to look up to, your strength is wonderful! You stay strong...TI, STAY STRONG!! WE ARE ALL WITH YOU!

Thank you for the encouraging words and the support. It means the world to me to know there are people like you out there. Thank you, again!

Drum roll; Ba-dun dun chhh... very cute and funny. =)
Your experience is encouraging to me. My ordeal begin April 8th and is still going on. It feels like it is never ending. Good to know that after the cataract surgery, your ordeal was over, I hope mine is the same way.
Do you still have high pressure in your eyes? Or is your eye pressure in normal range now?

Yes, traditional cataract surgery, he told me few doctors are using the laser for cataract surgery due to the high cost to purchase the laser. He did say it was more precise however, I've not been able to find any cataract specialist in my ares who does laser cataract surgery.

Since you had the complication of cataracts due to the laser surgery for bleeders, did your doctor use hard or soft lens to replace your natural lens?