Retina tears after cataract surgery

I've had type 1 now for over 50 years. Last April I had to have cataracts removed from both eyes. They had been there for quite a while and I knew eventually I would need to have lens replaced. 4 months after the surgery I got a retinal tear in the right eye. Retina Dr. lasered the tear to prevent further tearing. One year later the other eye had a retina tear. Each time the retina tears it fills my eye up with blood and horrible stringy matter, making it difficult to see. Eventually my right eye did clear and the left eye hopefully will do the same. My Dr. says this has nothing to do with diabetes. My question to others who have had cataract surgery is did this happen to you? I have thankfully had no retinopathy to date and no other eye issues. A1C recently 5.7 but great control only obtained within the last 20 years. I do have a family history of retina detachment however. I'm just suspicious since diabetes is to blame for most all other ills that I've had.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello Linda-
My life has mirrored your horrors, especially with the eyes. My entire story (which includes two diabetes related strokes along with the 30+ eye surgeries) if you are interested is at my site: Nothing for sale there, I promise! I just recently had one of my cataracts removed...the other is any day now. Will be going in for another vitrectomy within a few months (according to my retinal surgeon, who is the best_

Thanks Steve. It is a struggle but for me - keeping my mind on the up and up is the only way I can get by. I was diagnosed at age 8 so really didn't have a childhood. Most of my bitterness was at an early, rebellious age. It didn't help that my father was secretly disappointed that he had fathered a "defective" child. Little did he know at that time that children are extremely intuitive to how they are treated. A bewildering mess! I did however learn to get on with my life. I've never really grown up and perhaps that has helped me in the long run? Who knows. Best of luck for you with the cataract surgery. Mine was an easy fix but the torn retina problem has me wondering still.

Sorry but I meant to comment on your story. That’s quite a story and I’m sorry to hear how horrible it felt at times. I agree that helping others is true therapy for the soul. I’ve worked at Children’s Hospital for 30 years and it gives me some small piece of satisfaction that I may have helped in some small way in someone elses’s life. Take care.