I am 57 and I have worn glasses for nearsightedness for 51 years. A couple years ago my dr said he couldn’t make my glasses any stronger for my difficulty seeing distance, but he didn’t say why and I was too shocked to ask why. Last year he told me I needed cataract surgery. Again I was shocked. I was sure I was too young for this, but my distance vision was not good so I had the surgery including implants. 2 months ago I got my D diagnosis, but I had not been tested since 2003- - so how long I have actually had D , I don’t know. My night vision did not improve. Driving at night in strange places is out of the question. What I am wondering is if any of these problems is related to Diabetes. Anybody else have similar problems? Now that I have been D diagnosed for only 2 months, is it time for a dr appt?