Cause of Type 2 Diabetes Discovered

Had you guys read about this?

CORRECTION: Scientists have discovered ONE cause of insulin resistance among many–in mice.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different metabolic problems that can cause insulin resistance and/or Type 2 diabetes in people. It is NOT one disease.

And if I had a buck for every “cause” of diabetes found in mice that did not translate into anything useful to people, I’d be a very wealthy woman.

The press always reports these discoveries as if they were THE cause when they are A cause. But that is because the people who write about diabetes in the press are very ignorant about diabetes in general and Type 2 in particular.

So, as I suspected. Always been thin and eaten healthy, yet always had much inflammation,ie pathogens. Does this mean enzymes to reduce inflamation could halt disease?

You guys saw this?

Smoking ‘raises risk of diabetes’ - The University of Lausanne looked at 25 studies involving 1.2m patients.


There are more than likely many causes of type 2 diabetics. Mine was caused by a medication I was put on to treat anxiety.

Interesting, my doc belives there is a huge connection to disrupted or inflammed…neurotransmitter nerves

Well, I knew that obesity wasn’t the cause of type 2 more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, that study missed a key point. What causes the provocation of the macrophages? Hmmm? It’s really quite simple… all one needs to do is look at civilizations where type 2 diabetes is virtually non existent. Then follow their lifestyle. Which I have done. I haven’t taken any Metformin (or any other drugs) for over two days and my blood glucose is rock solid as a result of following a natural foods diet. The last two mornings it was 75 and 77 respectively. I tried a simple experiment… I ate a banana (105 calories, 14.5 grams of sugar) and measured an hour and a half later… 110mg/dl. How is this possible? Simple, our bodies were designed around natural foods, not Kraft, Nabisco, ConAgra, McDonalds or any of those others. Folks, there are lots of different types of calories out there… some good, some bad. There isn’t enough room here to explain why, it just works. The closer you stick with the foods Mother Nature created for us, the easier your blood glucose will be to manage. This isn’t rocket science. Clearly, those folks in that article are just trying to hype up a new drug which you wouldn’t need if you adhered to the lifestyle of those people who don’t get type 2 diabetes. Eat natural foods, and get out and exercise. For more on this, visit Dr. Furhman’s diabetes page:

But what about people like me who only have eaten naturally and are still sick?

Um, 2 days off your drugs and a banana isn’t exactly strong evidence of much at all. If you can keep it up for 2 months, or better yet, 2 years, then congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones who’s disease is still mild enough that it can be controlled through diet and exercise. For many of us that simply isn’t a viable option. Or, did I misunderstand? Were you just pointing out that non-diabetics can eat a banana without having to take drugs?

Sure, eating properly and getting exercise reduces the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes, but I don’t think it will prevent all cases. It’s a very complicated disease; there are people who are insulin resistant without being diabetic, and, as you point out, diabetics who were never obese.

How do you define “foods Mother Nature created for us”? Natural isn’t necessarily good for us, just as processed isn’t necessarily bad for us. I can list lots of 100% natural, unprocessed foods that don’t make for healthy eating for most of us. How about raw casava root, honey, and whale blubber? Casava is the world’s 3rd largest supply of carbohydrates, but it cannot be eaten raw or unprocessed because of natural cyanide compounds. Honey is a good source of energy and contains antioxidants, but is not great for diabetics. Whale blubber is perfect if your main nutritional concern is avoiding freezing to death tonight rather than worrying about atherosclerosis ina few decades. Many modern vegetables bear little resemblance to any natural vegetation. They’ve been genetically modified by centuries of selective breeding and hybridization. Fruits are only somewhat better off. Grains have been similarly genetically modified, and are more nutritious if processed by grinding and cooking. There’s a theory that cooking grains is one of the things that allowed humans to increase their intelligence.

Today I had a well balanced, nutritious, low fat, organic, whole multi-grain breakfast, with a banana, but I could also describe it as genetically modified, processed grain with bacterially fermented, separated, pasteurized and homogenized milk, and a picked-green, artificially ethylene gas ripened fruit of a sterile, artificially propagated, plantation grown plant. Yum, yum!

Yeah, lucky like Arnold Palmer… the more I learn and practice, the luckier I get.