Celebrities with complications?

I've had Type 1 for 30 years and am facing my first complication with some early kidney disease. Are there any Type 1 celebrities willing to discuss their complications, or lack thereof? I'm all for putting your most positive face forward, but sometimes it would be nice to hear someone talk about an issue with their eyes, kidneys, circulation, whatever. Maybe their PR people don't want them to discuss it, but I'd sure like a little camaraderie!

Mary Tyler Moore talks openly about her challenges with T1 in her memoir. She fully admits she hasn't been the best at taking care of her own needs and, therefore, has complications.


Bret Michaels talks about his sometimes.

Every Type 1 is a celebrity...we are a very rare species, I'm always excited when I bump into a type1...it just makes me purrrrr....

Sorry to hear about your kidney disease, my GFR is always under 50 now so I also have kidney disease...

The only person I can think of at the moment is actor/comedian Stephen Wallem from Nurse Jackie. I think he's blind in one eye from diabetic retinopathy.

Yeah, I think she had to have a toe or two removed due to diabetes complications.

I'm just reading her book now, it came with my jdrf kit.

I don't know if she's actually legally blind, but Mary Tyler Moore also has significant vision loss from diabetes (and I think maybe glaucoma, but can't remember).

Jay Cutler - Quarterback for the Chicago Bears


not so much about complications from type 1, but inspiring to me none the less

Tracy Morgan, who survived that crash recently, has had a kidney transplant. The kidney failure was due to his diabetes (type 2, I think)

I've lost quite a bit, I think > 50%, of the hair on my legs, which is sort of a minor complication, but a complication nonetheless. I have three bleeders in my eye too, despite fairly decent control for 30 years. And really good control for 6 now! I'm only a very minor league celebrity though...

Thanks everyone!

There is one other sad story that haunts me because there has never been any follow-up. In 2012, actor Daniel von Bargen tried to kill himself because he'd already had one leg amputated due to complications from diabetes and was scheduled to have toes on the other foot amputated. He survived, but that's the last that was reported of it. Here's a brief article by someone else who is also haunted by the memory of that story:


Thanks to all for all who recommended MTM's book. I downloaded to my Kindle last night, and have shed many tears. To have her talk about how alone one can feel when those first complications set in, and how she has come to terms with the fact that everything is a trade off. I've had more that one doc tell me they wished I was more "anal" and super-disciplined, because they tend to live longer. But I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I have traveled widely, had wonderful friends and enjoyed many sensuous experiences, I am living with the love of my life, and while I'm pretty well-behaved, I'm not perfect and that's OK. Thanks again.

Dana Hill who was in movies like "European Vacation" suffered a paralytic stroke and died in 1996 at the age of 32. She had multiple complications including Kidney and Liver function problems.

Baseball players, Brandon Morrow, Mark Lowe, Dustin McGowan and Sam Fuld, among others, are T!. They talk about their diabetes, and will serve as an inspiration to young T1s who want to excel. In 1967, when I was diagnosed, it was unheard of for a diabetic to compete in sports.

I found an update on Daniel by a friend of his on IMBD in the message forum of his record, if you want to check it out. Sounds like he is being looked after by friends and family and getting some overdue care. Handling it very privately, understandably.

Thanks for the information. I truly hope he's doing okay. I'm also very happy you liked MTM's book. I read it immediately after being diagnosed and at the time couldn't imagine why she made some of the choices she did. Now I'm a few years in and have a much better understanding of how this thing can wear on you. I applaud all you folks who've been fighting the fight for decades!

I know Lemmy from Motorhed has had some issues esp recently in regards to Diabetes... hes even cancelled some shows/tours..


I know what you mean. Trying to balance managing blood sugars, given all the bizarre things that can impact it, while trying to have some kind of life and deal with other life issues can definitely wear us down. I've had a couple of docs tell me, "I sure wish you were the really anal kind, because they tend to live longer." But in reflecting on the fact that I've had this for 31 years and am just now dealing with some beginning complications, I can't say I'd do much differently, other than testing more often during the first few years. But we didn't even have meters for the first few, and we just know so much more about carbs now and how to manage BG's tightly. I've had an amazing life, and I still have a ways to go, but I totally related to her discussion about how everything is a trade-off, and we each need to decide what we're willing to do or not do to have a fulfilling life, and make it all work from there. Thanks for your comments and support, same to you!