Celebrity Diabetics

Does anyone know what celebrities are diabetic? It’s an interesting topic and wasn’t sure if anyone knew of any.

I think Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears is one and one of the Jonas brothers is another. I may be wrong though.

Ok Go…I want to know who else.


I think I saw this thread earlier, and I learned that Mary Tyler Moore, Brett Michaels and maybe Halle Barry…

I have wondered since Cutler was diagnosed how he prepares for a game of professional football as a QB. Seriously - I wish he would tell us how he manages. I find it amazing he can perform at a high level like that while on insulin.

Lots of celebs have Diabetes. There are a couple threads here about Famous Diabetics but when I try to search it, it doedesn’t come up. Perhaps someone else could find it for you.

Here is some: http://www.dlife.com/diabetes/information//inspiration_expert_advice/famous_people/


is a pretty concise discussion. Some of his not infrequent goofy plays, particularly last year, made me wonder though…

In this video: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/jay-cutler-superstar/2009/10/jay-cutler-shares-his-diabetes-story.html, he mentions that his college QB coach was T1 dxed @ 27 too and that he emails him every day.


That is pretty good video from www.Dlife.com where Jay talks about his new dx.

Who is Gerri?

Crystal Bowersox is too. I totally forgot!

Halle Berry has what is sometimes called Type 1b, Ketosis-Prone Type 2, or Flatbush Diabetes. This occurs almost entirely in blacks and Asians. The patient presents in ketoacidosis, and is often originally thought to be a Type 1, but when BGs are brought into control, it turns out that the person doesn’t need exogenous insulin. As long as their BGs are kept in good control, they don’t need insulin or oral meds, and they don’t go into ketoacidosis. But if something happens, and the BGs go up, they will go right back into ketoacidosis.

It is not a commonly discussed type of diabetes, and so many people doubt that Halle has diabetes, but in fact she does, and she has to be careful just like the rest of us.

Wow! I did not know that, thank you! I will remove my comment :wink: However, I have been a diabetic for many years, started a diabetes-based business, and have been very involved in the diabetes community - yet, I have never heard of Flatbush Diabetes. This is news to me - I am excited to hear, eager to learn more, and wish that she was communicating that!

I have noticed her speaking out more frequently and I appreciate that!

I’m new to these forums and wasn’t sure about other discussions. My fault

Kris Freeman, US Olympic level nordic skier

I felt bad for Kris Freeman! I saw a video of him being interviewed before the big race that he got hypoed out of and wondered if the network interfered w/ his pre-race regimen? Probably no big deal. I haven’t raced all that much, maybe 5 or 6 running races but even when I’m just crusing around the neighborhood, I like to spend some time before the race to get my BG exactly where it needs to be? Of course, no one is trying to interview me!

This is so interesting…I didn’t know this either.

I’m with all here. I didn’t know that. WOW learn something new everyday!

Billie Jean King was diagnosed Type 2 a few years ago.
Sharon Stone, I think Type 2.

Michael Barker has a site called, I think, Ketosis Prone Type 2 Diabetes. I think you could Google it, and read it and find out a lot more about it. Most white people have never heard of it, including professionals, but it should be watched out for in the black community, and among those of Asian descent.

Victor Garber has been Type 1 since age 12 and I believe and he is now close to 60. He is probably best known as Sydney Bristow's dad on Alias a few years back.