Celiac misdiagnosis

Has anyone here gotten a negative Celiac screen only to be diagnosed later on?

The way they test works is that it looks for specific markers in your blood, that only exist when you ingest the allergen and your body reacts to it. If you suspected a gluten problem and gave it up before the test so there’s only a negligible amount of gluten in your system at the time of the test, then yes, it’s entirely possible to get a false negative test.

There’s always the risk of a badly administered test, too.

If you’re just surprised about a negative test, then maybe you just haven’t identified the right problem yet.

My son does have Celiac disease. It’s my daughter I am worried about now. She was diagnosed with GERD at 2 weeks old. She’s 10 now. She is on Prilosec but still has pretty severe stomach issues. Her teeth are eroding away. They are about half the size they should be. She had a negative Celiac screen a couple years ago. I scheduled her in to see my son’s gastroenterologist. Thanks!

the blood tests can be false negative. please look into Celiac further. You can also see if gluten free diet brings her relief from her symptoms.