Celiac disease,if you are type1 diabetic,have you been screened for celiac lately?

celiac disease is another autoimmune disease which has to be screened in all type1 diabetics,children or adults.
it can be a silent condition or present with vague symptoms like fatigue,symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.In children it can stop them growing or cause up and down of blood glucose without explanation

We have a group for people that are affected by Celiac as well:

I tested negative for it last year, but I seemed to have a lot of the symptoms… I plan to continue to get screened for it. I hope that most doctors do this!

I just got diagnosed with it two days ago. :frowning: I’m still in the denial phase. sigh

hallo Christine,
do not worry you will adjust to celiac but have you had any symptoms or it was just screening for other autoimmune diseases( thyroid…)?

I have a friend who is not diabetic and celiac was missed for ten years diagnosing her as irritable bowel syndrome,depression and intractable eczema.Once she was diagnosed she felt great and she is lucky she she is british where gluten free diet is available and all food are labled,

In a published scientific paper it was stated that GP do not think celiac so the diagnosis is missed for years!!1

I tested negative for it last year, like Kristin, only after having some of the symptoms. My A1C also spiked suddenly, so my endo was looking for answers. The only thing that came back out of sync was my white blood cell count, and after further testing, that was fine too. This was the first time I had ever heard of celiac, but it is now on my radar.

I discovered that undiagnosed celiac in my patients can present with sudden imrovement or deterioration of blood glucose and A1c.My colleagues could not find this reported anywhere but proved it can be due to celiac showing itself.
we do blood test( celiac profile,if negative I screen for total serum IG A,if normal so it is not celiac!

Like I said in your e-mail I passed the test for that one last year!!!

Celiac can be very tricky and difficult to diagnose. Many times the blood tests and even the biopsies can be negative. There is a doctor here in Tucson that isn’t satisfied with that so he orders a pill cam and has found celiac disease in many people who tested negative but the symptoms couldn’t be explained. When suspected in some patients with type 1 DM we diagnose it by process of illimination. Try a gluten free diet and see if symptoms improve or even disappear.

I considered just trying a gluten free diet, but my symptoms are not so severe and seem to have improved. Others I heard of had symptoms of malnutrition and extreme weight loss. I just had sharp stomach pain and constipation. Every other test came back negative as well. So they/I just gave up trying to figure it out.

Since my symptoms have sense gone away, I guess it wasn’t Celiac?? (or hope??).

How long would I need to stay on a gluten free diet to see improvement? How long should it be tried for?

Sorry to hear about this Christine!! Here is a link to some good gluten free products.

Thank you Kristin!!!

Hi! I was having symptoms (upset stomach, headaches, being lethargic, etc) and had these for quite awhile and after trying a lot of meds (thinking it was something different) my doctor came to this conclusion so we did the tests.

I know I will adjust (eventually) but right now it is quite overwhelming :confused: I wonder when THAT feeling will go away? BIG sigh

Hi.this feeling will go away in weeks and you will feel much better and active,I know from my patients how they feel and when they get better.
Though I am not diabetic but I have irritable bower syndrome which just can be celiac and I feel lazy to do the blood test though I do awareness campaigns every where!

I wish I could just sleep through the next few weeks and wake up feeling better!! A few days in and I am still on edge about it. :frowning:

some of my patients experience abdominal pain,their celiac profile is negative,serum Ig A is normal ( blood test depends on Ig A,and if the person is Ig A defecient then a biopsy is mandatory to rule out celiac.Many of my patients had normal biopsy but found to have helicobacter in their biopsy which caused their symptoms,once they were treated,they felt well.

gluten free diet for months can improve the symptoms,which disapear once villi recover.I cannot recomend gluten free diet for children who are not celiac ( they will refuse!!)