Celiac Symptoms?

I am Type 1 LADA taking a basal and bolus. Have been diagnosed for 2 months and luckily didn’t go through a bog period of misdiagnosis or anything. Lately, I have been having lots of nausea and diarrhea/loose stools. I am almost feeling the same way when I believe the antibodies started in on me two months prior to diagnosis. I am feeling worse in the morning and after I eat. I had the stomach virus two weeks ago but have been feeling fine otherwise (not achy or sore or tired- been running and working out). Could I be at the end of my honeymoon phase or could it be my body wants me to have diabetes AND celiac? My endo had me get a celiac blood panel. I am just not leaning towards celiac, so what could it be?

I came to my diabetes (LADA) dx because I was lucky enough to have gotten a genetic test for Celiac and knew enough to advocate for myself because I had a common gene to Type 1, the kind that causes LADA. I have had negative Celiac panels, but the method of testing for Celiac is sixty years old and very inadequate. MANY people just go gluten free and see if it works. If you have other autoimmune diseases, they have to throw in an extra test to the panel to see if it is a valid test. I have a huge intollerance to any amount of Corn, which some consider to be part of Celiac. All Celiac boards have a diabetes link. Malabsorption from Celiac can cause bg to go out of control. Genetic testing is not diagnostic for Celiac becuase they have discovered more genes that cause Celiac than labs test for, and as in my case, I have the gene, and became LADA without Celiac. I follow Dr. Bernstein’s method of regulating my bg, so I don’t eat wheat and am gf by default. The University of Chicago has one of the best Celiac clinics and a good site for reading info about testing.


A negative celiac panel does not mean that you don’t have celiac, but you want to try to get a firm dx if it is within reach. I have a lot of info in Favorites if you run into a dead end. There is also recent news that gluten sensitivity without Celiac is possible.

I have two dds that went Gluten free and felt dramatic improvement in their health, including a cessation of crippling migraines and seizures. Celiac causes all kinds of strange related problems from osteoporosis, to neuro. It’s not just a GI problem.