CGM in Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy Cuts Adverse Neonate Outcomes

Reading this kind of studies makes me wonder why insurance companies keep making it so difficult to approve CGMs, without having to jump through hoops. LADIES, if you’re planning a pregnancy this information will interest you.

From Medscape (link below)

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) of blood sugar levels during pregnancy improves birth outcomes compared with traditional finger-prick tests in women with type 1 diabetes, according to results of the first trial to show benefit of CGM on health outcomes beyond glucose control.

“Pregnant women using CGM had lower HbA1c — the primary outcome — but, more important, better day-to-day glucose levels as measured by CGM, resulting in 100 minutes more time per day in the recommended target range [3.5–7.8mmol/L],” she highlighted.

She added that the "CGM-related effects were comparable among [insulin]-pump and multiple-daily-injection (MDI) users.

However, in a second cohort of women with type 1 diabetes — those planning pregnancy — “no consistent benefits of CGM were seen.”

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