CGM Placement


I have a DEX and was wondering where you are placing the sensor. I currently have it on my tummy but suspect it won’t be much longer before insertion become uncomfortable. Any suggestions on sweet spots?


I have mine on my arm right now.

I rotate between my upper arms (my husband puts it in for me) and my hips and love handles closer to my back (the baby is giving me some great love handles for my Dex!) HOWEVER, the Dex is technically only FDA approved for your stomach, so if the sensor fails and you tell them it was in your arm, they may not replace it like they would it if was in your stomach.

Good luck!

As my mid-section grows outward I’ve rotated the sensor spot back more to my sides, and further away from my (disapearing!) belly button. It’s still comfortable to insert and stays in place.
Also, when my Dr’s office did the blind-run with a sensor before I went on a pump they put it on my lower back in the love-handle area, but well above my backside. If/when things get too tight in front I may have my husband help put them back there.

I’ve been using my lower back for my Pod as right now it has the best absorption. I’ll have to give the arms a try. I’m at 17 weeks so I count on my dex a lot these days.

I also usually use my lower back/love handle area. At least the little extra padding serves a purpose now! :slight_smile:

Succeed in getting in on my arm but since hubby is not home I can’t get the tab off and my daughter isn’t game for helping mommy…oh well, let’s hope I don’t get it hooked on something.

Hi - I just used my arms during pregnancy (alternated left arm, then right arm, then left arm, etc)

I tried my arm once, but I found it wasn’t nearly as accurate as my belly - I usually can get two weeks per sensor, but I had to trash that one after one week because it just kept giving me so many out there readings.

I’m starting to get itchy tummy though, so I think I need to give the arm or elsewhere another shot.

I wear mine on my arm…I wear a medtronic though. I’ve had no issues at all and been wearing it there for a year.

I wear my Navigator on my arms, but I’ve also worn it on my back and butt.

Really didn’t like the arm! I got it hooked on a door frame and ripped it off!!! I’m currently wearing it on my outer thigh and unless I roll over on it at night it’s been working pretty well. I have to avoid my back because that’s my omnipod sweet spot!