Is anyone wearing the Dex on places besides your abdomen?

I just went through a CGM training class from my doctor’s office. The handout stated that the Dex is only FDA approved for wearing on your abdomen. I also downloaded the user guide and it only mentions site placement on the belly. So are people using other sites? How well do they work?

I’m pretty set to get the dex but I was hoping to use it on my legs and/or arms as well.


I used my abdomen only once. After that, it’s been only my thighs. The abdomen area is reserved for my insulin pump.

I did a trial, and it lasted about 10 days on outside of my arm. Others have done the same without issues. But yes, it’s only FDA-approved for abdomen use.


do you insert it vertically or horizontally like the say to do on your abdomen?

I switched to the front of my legs about 3-5 inches from the hip only because it would start peeling after 3 days on my abdomen. I haven’t put it anywhere else since

The axis of the CGM is perpendicular to my body because that’s how they say it should be inserted. I don’t understand why they want it done this way. I guess the same would be true if I were to insert it on my arms or back-side or anywhere else - perpendicular to the vertical.

Oops, I didn’t know that. I’ve been using the sensors on my lower back and arms (I’ve only done abdomen once) with pretty consistent/even results.

awesome, thanks John. I ended wearing the MM sensors on my thighs, I’d prefer to do that I think. Something to try for next time

As far as I remember, when I tried the MM sensors, there was no recommendation on how to wear it - only that it should be worn on the abdomen only. But those suckers were so painful and left such wounds on my body that after a few sensors I switched to the Dex. And now I believe that the MM CGM is a scam, a racket. It is not accurate and it is very painful.

I use my upper buttocks exclusively. The one and only time I used my abdomen, I was plagued with ??? readings. Since using my butt, I’ve yet to get less than 10 days per sensor (I usually get two weeks).

I have also used the backs of my arms, but I’m now using them for my Omnipod.

Yea, I ended up using my thighs because of the pain and bleeds I would get on my abdomen, it also worked better for them to align with the long axis

My abdomen is now completely useless for pump and CGM sites because of the horrible scarring left by the MM CGM. It was the worst ever!

I’ve been using the Dex 7+ for about 2 1/2 months. So far I love it! I’ve used my abdomen for only 1 sensor so far. All the others I have used my upper arm. My arms work perfect for me. The Dex transmitter is so small that its do big deal to sleep on it. As long as the receiver is close by it has no problem picking up the signals.

As for numbers mine is usually not more than 5 off. I think the accuracy is what impresses me the most.

I had surgery just a few weeks after I started on the Dex. The anesthesiologist and the surgeon loved it and were very supportive about my taking it in. They said they could test my bg at any point but having something they could just click a button and see how things were going was very helpful. I told them I thought they should pay more attention to the arrows. That would give them a clue as to if it was going steady, up or down.

Surgery always makes me nervous. Not the being cut part but the part where I am unconscious and not in control. Having the cgm and a pump made knowing no one had to panic over anything just made me feel better.

Okay…got to ask…how do you put it on your butt. I’m on the pod, and I’ve heard of this, but what the heck happens when you put your pants on. I don’t wear low cut pants or skirts…at least not yet…:} but this is really a question for you. I can’t imagine using anything but my arm’s or stomach, but I am running out of real estate. How do you do it? I live alone so I have no help there.

LOL! It’s not difficult at all. Basically, I place the sensor about 1-2 inches below where the waistband of low-rise jeans would hit (I wish I could draw you a picture). I’m ambidextrous, so it doesn’t matter which side I use. I stand in front of a mirror and just reach behind my back to insert the sensor the same way I would on my abdomen. The hardest part is removing the plunger, but as long as you keep one hand on the sensor part and the other on the plunger, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Maybe for my next sensor insert, I’ll do a Vlog :wink:

How has the accuracy been on your legs? Also if you sleep on your side so that you are resting on the sensor, does it interupt night time readings? Thanks. Mike.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

I have used it on my arm and lower back. Currently it is in my side/hip. Best place was the back of my arm, i barely noticed it here. It’s not “FDA Approved” but it works fine. Dexcom rep said he couldn’t legally tell me that it could be used other places, but my CDE, who does not work for Dexcom, said she’d seen other patients use it in arm, lower back, leg, and she gave her approval to these sites.

Just in your arm, place it vertical, not perpendicular.

I have ONLY ever used the backs of my arms (vertically)… and it works GREAT. I have had some issues with ??? but it ONLY happens to me at night… and does not always seem to be related to sleeping on the sensor nor does it always seem to be related to rapidly changing BG… I suspect there may be something else involved (hormones?).

My current sensor has had perfect #'s for two weeks (no ???) and is getting restarted for a third session this morning :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think the FDA approval process to get it approved for other sites could be fairly lengthy.