CGM Sensors and Seat Belts

Well, it finally happened. I’ve been using CGMS for 3 years now, and on numerous occasions, I’d gotten the sensor/transmitter painfully hooked on a seat belt, such that I was sometimes loathe to even put one on, but yesterday, in the course of slamming on the brakes (long story), my seatbelt ripped my sensor right out, painful and bloody.

Anyone else experience this? I’d be unsurprised to get some disagreement from folks who have not repeatedly experienced painful hookups (maybe it’s the shape of my belly), but it seems to me like abdomen sensor and pump infusion sites are not really seat belt compatible, and injuring yourself repeatedly for the ostensible purpose of reducing injury is nonsensical. No more seat belt for me.

Not the cgm, I start mine tomorrow, but the infusion set yes. I plan ahead for long trips and put it on my left side. I have caught it on the right a lot. Haven’t ripped it completely out, but far enough to have to replace it. Of course, I always think it wasn’t so bad and don’t stop and check it. Then I am high 2 hours later and wondering why. CGM should add to the issue as it is a little taller.

How about trying the sensor in a different spot? Perhaps your arm?

Unfortunately my arms have like zero fat on them so they won’t work - I had to use the extra short needles when I was on MDI to avoid going intramuscular.

I am using both a CGMS (Navigator) and the Omnipod. Both are bulkier than infusion sets, and certainly have some issues with placement. I have found that it is necessary to place both higher on my abdomen than I placed infusion sets, so that my belt does not dislodge them. I began using both at the same time, in June this summer, so I don’t have a lot of experience. I do use my arms as sites, which helps.

I have had some near misses in pulling our my site with seat belt. Now I have beanie babies in each vehicle that I put between the seatbelt and my belly just adjacent to infusion site. Have not had any more problems, but have had some funny comments from friends and guy that work in those drive through oil change places… I have a Dracula, duck, bunny, frog, dog… I am partial to Dracula …