Paradigm Revel

Hello all!

I am currently on the OmniPod and switching to the Paradigm Revel with the CGM. I was wondering if anyone else has switched from the omni to this pump and had any comparisons? Also, can you were your sensor anywhere SubQ or does it have to be on your belly? That is one thing I like about the Omni is that I can wear it on my arms and back.

Any info on the revel would be greatly appreciated!!

Sam Riley

I don't havae experience with the Omnipod, but the sensor can go anywhere into SQ tissue - although not FDA approved for such, I wear my sensor on my arms, and the best place for me have been my thighs.

I would prefer my thighs, don't mind bruises there so much as my tummy. I didn't know if the sensor had to be close to the pump. I've read a lot of people complaining of the needle for the insertion. Is it that bad? I used a sillhouete infusion set when I was younger and that needle was over an inch but I adjusted fine.

Hi Samantha, I have the Paradigm Revel pump with CGM and I think it LOOKS scarier and more painful than what it really is. I manually insert my infusion sets with no problems what so ever. For the CGM the needle looks wicked, but with the inserter for that I have not had any painful ones at all. I've been using the CGM since Dec I think. I've had pretty good luck with it. Most of the time its really close, however as Im sure your aware it doesnt take the place of testing your BG. But the trending information is really good. I occassionally get some interference if I have my laptop on my lap or my cell laying on my lap while Im talking but that is just maybe a couple of times. Overall Im really happy with it and glad I went with Minimed.

Thanks for the reply! Everyone seems to love their CGM so I am looking forward to the change. My A1C was 9.6 last visit so I really want to get it under control. If there is an inseter than I am not really concerned. I was just shocked how many people said it was unbearable, and that is scary coming from diabetics who poke themselves 24/7!!

Does the pump suggest how much insulin to take to correct highs once you've input your sliding scale/carb ratio?

Yes - the MM pumps give recommendations for corrections and boluses. The big difference between Omnipod and the MM is that the MM will take into account ALL insulin on board, not just insulin on board for corrections. So if you've eaten recently, and you test and are high, the MM will account for active insulin you took for the food you ate and won't suggest an over-correction. That was my favorite thing about the MM pump.

That is great! Im always scaling back a unit or two knowing I have some on board and will end up with a low. Such a pain. I'm excited! Will have to adjust to the tube though. Where do you wear your pod when you have a dress on?

I wear my pod wherever I feel like it with dresses. That is one thing you're going to have to adjust to on a tubed- pump. I literally stopped wearing all of my dresses and skirts when I was a tubed pump. The pod means I no longer have to worry about that.

That will be the thing I miss the most. Te CGM hopefully will be worth the change!