CGMS Denial Day, post your links here

For CGMS Denial day please post your links here so we can keep track of your blog post.

This is where i will be posting:

Hi Gina,
Here is my link:
Thanks for putting this together!
Katie I.

Guess What? We got denied!

I posted mine:

Raise your voice!!!

I don’t even have health insurance in which to opt for a CGMS.
One day I would like to though…

Here is my link

Here is my post.

Thank you gina for doing this!

I had my 8 year old daughter post her thoughts on our blog:

My post is up!!!

I’m also going to add it to my blog here and at And I’ll put it on my knitting blog too. The more places we can post about this, the better!!

Here’s mine! Thanks Gina!

Here’s mine, Gina:


Oooohhh, and how cool is this!!! One of my knitting blog friends - who is not even diabetic herself, put up a post that links both my blog and Gina’s DiabetesTalkFest blog to help us raise awareness!!

Sometimes we have more people pulling for us than we know!

Rock on Karen!!!

Thanks for the update!

i got a little ranty and a little snippy, but hey…this is the only arena where i can really complain about these things as it makes the people in my life a little depressed to think about these issues.

Here is a You Tube Tuesday post for CGMS Denial Day! w00t!

you didnt add the link.

ok mine is up

I haven’t been denied, but I posted anyway…